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August 09 2009

Win a QMX Inara's Shuttle Diorama. Express what Serenity means to you or be one of the first 1500 to follow QMxInsider on Twitter.

Thanks Lioness of Canadian Browncoats for the tip.

Whoo-hoo. On other twitter news. finally reached 100,212 Followers.

Richard Castle got arrested again and only has 7,433 Followers

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2009-08-09 04:54 ]
... aaaand in other twitter news, Shawn Ryan (Angel, the new season of Lie To Me) is now on twitter.
I don't Twitter, so I guess I'll try my hand at that oh-so-primitive "writing" thing. That is quite the Shiny model, donchathink?

oh, and there's a link on that Shipwork's page to "The Kiss". Check it out!

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