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August 09 2009

S.W.O.R.D. gets its own ongoing series. The interstellar intelligence agency, Agent Brand and Sydren - all created by Joss and John - get their own book (with Lockheed and Beast in tow). Covers by John Cassaday.

Written by Kieron Gillen, drawn by Steven Sanders; both speak in the linked interview.

About time.
I was hoping Lockheed would pop by in New Mutants, but hey, if he can get a starring role in another book, who am I to begrudge him that?
I'm pretty sure the oft-delayed Spider-Woman series is set at S.W.O.R.D. as well - they originally billed it "Spider-Woman: Agent of SWORD", and that's how the motion comic is listed. So it may wind up that we get two SWORD series.
God, I hope their first mission is to rescue Kitty.
We're kind of using him as the team's Wolverine. As in, a glowering, threatening presence. Of course, being a cute little dragon, that's pretty funny.

People on fire tend to stop laughing.

Heh, this might actually draw me into comics beyond things directly related to Joss.

I don't think I can handle another geeky obsession though. Oh how my wallet cries...
God, I hope their first mission is to rescue Kitty.

I think the intention is to keep Kitty out of the picture for a while. I would love to see Joss come back to the X-Men, his third arc contains some of his best writing to date.
have the characters kept their tone in most appearances since astonishing? i find when a character moves over to another writer one of the first things that can happen is a significant change for the worse.
closest to mind, runaways from bkv -> joss was excellent, and kept character's motivations and personalities. from joss -> whoever does it now utterly destroyed most of the characters and made me stop reading.
Well, anybody who does want a Kitty fix - and Jean Grey, for that matter - can check out the new "X-Men Forever" series. It's sort of a "fork in the continuity road" book - it picks up right after Chris Claremont first left the X-books in the early nineties, as though he'd never left (and the subsequent stories - everything after about Uncanny X-Men #280 & X-Men #3 - never happened). In this separate timeline, Kitty, and Nightcrawler, have rejoined the group, Jean hasn't died, Magneto apparently has.... Written by (Kitty Pryde creator) Claremont, with art by the excellent Tom Grummett, it's a title which might be of interest to any fan of the eighties/early nineties era X-Men.

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