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August 09 2009

Harry Groener at last night's Angel comic book signing. He was there to lend support for Juliet Landau's signing at Golden Apple Comics. Adam Busch and Amber Benson turned up as well.

Anyone from here go?

That man is the classiest of class acts.

Sadly, it was one coast over and one country down from me.
I went!
Juliet was very charming and Brian is a riot, saw Amber, Adam and Harry out the back, and my nephew was excited to see that Kat VonD from 'L.A Ink' was there too. We didn't linger though, as I'd promised to take him to Mel's for an oreo shake.
Boardwise, DanRegal turned up (hi again), plus a couple of Whedonopolis people.
It was a real pleasure to go to such a well organised, calm event after the craziness of SDCC, and it was a great way to end our trip to the USA!
Boy. I wish I was at L-A last night, with all the guest stars there.
Wel, as long the comic book got a proper launch.
I think it's so cool how Whedonverse actors support each other.
I think I would have geeksploded.
Where do you get that wine? I would love to get my hands on a couple of bottles for the Buffy coffin I am putting together for this years CSTS in Phoenix. Does anyone have any info on that?
I live in Phoenix and this is the first I've heard of it. Details please.
@Peanut Noir -please check their I don't think the dates are up yet, but I know they have locked down the theaters.

I always donate stuff and this year I am doing a coffin filled with Buffy comics, graphic novels, and other things. The Angel wine would be a lovely addition.
Thanks, I shall go to that site forthrightly.
Harry is very much the man.
SIMON, I was there with danregal who, as usual, got some really great shots. I am sure he will be putting them on flickr very soon. Juliet and Brian were very friendly and super gracious. Didn't have a chance to speak with Amber, Adam or Harry but they were mingling with the guest. Fun was definitely had.
So much fun. It was great to see everyone, thanks for coming out!
Is there even a word for that expression Adam always seems to have in still pictures? But, on the plus side his strong resemblance is quite evident there :-).

Last time I saw Harry was in my HIMYM S-2 DVD; I thoguth he looked good with the beard.

Sigh, Amber and Juliet under one roof....

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