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August 10 2009

"The Kiss": Our Captain shows his love for the Serenity Replica. I haven't seen this posted here, so I thought y'all might like it. Nathan popped by the QMx booth during Comicon, and made a 'physical statement' about the new Serenity Replica.

I see no mention of price on the Quantum Mechanix site. How much will these things be going for?
Can't ask for a better endorsement than that. And yeah, it looks pretty rutting incredible. Were I of a more wealth-laden bent, she would be mine.
She is a beauty. Even more so fully lighted. As for price ... they're limited editions (500) and individually customized by order, so think big. Having seen the final versions (standard & with light kit) at SDCC, I think the quality & attention to detail involved will make it worth the price. Even if that price is likely out of my league. :(
Nathan always comes across as a class act. The education profession let a really quality guy get away.
That man loves his Serenity. If you want one, you better get 'em before he gets 'em all.

I so want one. It could be my christmas and birthday presents for the next ten years.
That shot will be popular with the Mal/Serenity shippers. :)
I want to see a pic of the tiny BDHs on the bridge!
My folks would kill me, but I think I need to buy it.

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