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August 09 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog wins a Hugo Award. Just announced out of Montreal, our beloved mushortio wins yet another award, for Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form. It was up against episodes of Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who.

If you're not familiar with The Hugo Awards, here is their website, full of links on the right side. The award was announced at the ceremony currently underway at the World Science Fiction Convention.

And in such estimable company!
Woop! Congrats to everyone involved, you more than deserve it!
Awesome. As an interesting historical note, "Conversations With Dead People" won the same category when it was created in 2003.
Glad to know I wasn't the only one keeping an eye on the Hugo Twitter feed for this. =)

Congratulations, guys! Now get us a sequel. Well, okay, you can celebrate a little longer...
Glad to know I wasn't the only one keeping an eye on the Hugo Twitter feed for this.

Hah. Yeah, I've been set up watching the feed while listening to a baseball game.
Consistently, the best awards out there.

If I'm counting correctly, Joss has been nominated 11 times (plus one for 'Conversations' which he technically he didn't write) and this is his 2nd victory. (Again, not counting Conversations.)

Anyway, congrats to Joss & the Whedons! Next up, the Emmy!
Wow, HUGE honor considering it beat out "The Constant" (LOST) and "Revelations" (BSG). Congrats to all.
Hey, awesome. This truly is the mushortio that keeps on giving. Or getting. Or neither, if you're foreign (OK I'll leave this bad dead horse alone).

Also I choose to believe that the award takes the form of a statuette of Hugo from Street Fighter III. And the statuette possesses rudimentary sentience. And sends me cheques.
Oh, wow, this is huge. Congrats to all involved. The Hugo Awards might not be a brand name like some other awards, but everyone involved in the genre knows how important they are. This really is truly awesome. *does a happy dance*

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This is fabulous! A HUGO. Congratulations to you all!
I have to be honest. I really thought Dr. Who would take this award for that two-parter. Still, this is wonderful news for Dr. H, who may yet snag an Emmy next month. Yay, him!
I actually thought "The Constant" would take it. A nearly perfect exemplar of powerful character-driven genre television.
Way to go, mushortio!
Oh wow, this is great! Congratulations to everyone involved! Time to come out with a special edition of the DVD that says "Hugo Award Winning" on the cover!
Wonderful news. Encore to "Dr. Horrible" please! The masses are waiting.
So Steven Moffat finally got beat? That's a surprise. Congrats to the Whedon clan, though. It's good to see Dr. Horrible still being showered with praise.
Well, it was Moffat's weakest episodes so far (at least the second part), even if they were still very good. I actually figured Lost would win this time.

Not sure I'd say consistently best awards, with them giving this very award to the stupid Gollum MTV appearance some years back, but yeah, they've mostly been spot on.

And congrats to the team! =)
Hugo. What's a "Hugo"? What's a Hugo matter? Nothing. At some point, for all of us, the word "Hugo" was unknown, what it represented, what it meant: unknown. Then it got associated with something. And it meant something.

I met the word "Hugo" in my teens, on the back cover of "Dune." That was the association. And what it meant was love for a cherished experience and unparalleled entertainment excellence.

This is why Hugo has always seemed extra special for me. I am deeply pleased "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" reinforces my original discovery of the word Hugo.
I was born with an intuitive, inexplicable and a priori understanding of the word "Hugo" that, in retrospect, led to fairly serious emotional trauma in my formative years, as well as a deep and abiding love for "The Vicar of Dibley". So, sorry to burst your bubble.
An abiding love for 'The Vicar of Dibley' "as well as" serious emotional trauma seems slightly redundant ;).

Yay, congrats to JJZM and everyone else that made Dr Horrible such an unHorrible viewing experience (OK, the last few minutes were pretty horrible but, y'know, the good horrible ;). Still really enjoyed Moffat's last two but I agree they weren't his best Who episodes and reckon Dr H was better as a whole.

(and one of the great things about the Hugos is the tradition of trying where possible to provide the nominated works free of charge so voters have equal access - loads of goodies there to check out later, particularly looking forward to reading the nominated Ted Chiang short story)

ETA the link

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Shiny! Joss can put this next to his Hugo for Serenity, Nicely done, sir.
Congratulations!! \o/
Emmy nominated and now Hugo Award winning musical! Congratulations to all involved.
Congrats, most excellent team! And most excellent competition, too.
Not a Lost fan, but even I was captivated by The Constant. And anything BSG is made of awesome.

Now I'd like to see a separate category for "made for the web".
congrats guys!
I was hoping, but guessing that the mushortio wasn't going to win. I was also in the team that expected The Constant or Revelations to take this one. Glad that it did though.

Yay, Dr. Horrible. Will listen to Commentary! The Musical, to commemorate the occasion.
I would have been so conflicted in voting. I thought The Constant was one of the best episodes of television ever. But I'm delighted for Whedon and Co. Congrats!
Who is Colin Harris?
I don't think I could be upset about any of these winning. Even though I haven't seen those episodes of Doctor Who yet (watching Torchwood S2 before DW S4) I can safely assume that anything by Stephen Moffat is gold. and The Constant is one of my favorite hours of television ever. It's also easily one of the best episodes of Lost and of television in general. As for Revelations, it's one of the strongest hours of one of the strongest sci-fi shows ever and easily the best of the first ten episodes of S4. But if it weren't for the year cap I'd have taken Blood on the Scales/The Oath. Of course, there's always next years Hugos.

And last but not least, I have to give grats where they're due because Dr. Horrible embodies everything I love about genre and film making today and to be up against some of the strongest competition I could think of and still win is more than a nod of the hat to Joss, Jed, Zack, and Maurissa.
Wow, this is pretty awesome. Congratulations team Horrible!

I also am a little bit conflicted on behalf of Revelations but will just cheer for BSG next year (Blood on the Scales, indeed.)
@b!x: Who is Colin Harris?

Past WorldCon co-chair, for 2005's Interaction in Glasgow. No word on what qualifies him as a "prominent Whedon fan" however (according to Airlock Alpha) -- 'cause if *you* hadn't heard of him, he couldn't be that prominent ;)
I haven't heard of lots of people. Some days I haven't heard of myself.
I try to read everything nominated for a Hugo, and I'm rarely disappointed by any of the nominees. Some of the things I really don't like, but that's different than their being bad.

Congrats to the Dr. Horrible team; please, if there's a sequel, make it better than the original!
Well done everyone! You deserve it!

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