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August 09 2009

Felicia Day on "Girls Go Geek". Released earlier this week for free on Xbox Live Marketplace (US only), Amber MacArthur's new show "Girls Go Geek" begins with "the queen of the internet" herself, Felicia Day.

For those without an Xbox 360 or who are outside the US, according to a comment Amber made on the blog post that gives this entry its link, "The show is only avail on Xbox LIVE in the U.S., but one month following the release of each episode we (my production co.) will make it avail for everyone online!"

I believe that is "the queen of all internet". :)
Man, I got her title wrong? She's... she's gonna take away my wifi as punishment, isn't she?
Not a bad interview. Talked about The Guild and Doctor Horrible and showed scenes from both.

The effects were a bit over the top. But maybe that's cool and I'm just old. (And by old, I mean the same age as Felicia).
A part of me wonders if Felicia Day might be shooting herself in the foot a little with all the Gamer Queen, Geek Queen, Internet Queen titles she's worked hard to earn.

When I first watched Epitaph One, I actually laughed a little at the absurdity of it, and was taken immediately out of the story. Of course, since it was right at the beginning, I got back into the story without problems.

But I do wonder if she might be typecasting herself a little too much. Because when people think FD, they think Gamer Geek, not actress, perhaps. At least for me it's that way.
The Date My Avatar music video is now on the Xbox for download.

I know what you mean, Succatash, about Felicia shooting herself in the foot, but I don't think that will be a big problem. The mainstream audience still doesn't have a clue who Felicia is, so when they see her in something like House they don't know that they are seeing the Internet/Gamer/Geek Queen. So she's gone from being unknown by everyone, to unknown by most and adored by a small few.
She was already being typecast before The Guild. According to her, that's why she wrote it, because she wasn't getting any good parts. Now it's not so much she's been typecast as she's created a type. Anyway, it's not exactly the worst problem to have.
Wow, hacksaway - LOL, that Reality TV casting call sounds absolutely dreadful.

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