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August 10 2009

The wonderful world of Whedoncraft. Joss in stitches.

Love the Oregon Trail Reavers one. Awesome. Was the Buffy one at the end from "The Body"? If so, awesome. Even if not, awesome.
Yup, it was from The Body. It is when she opens her backdoor and hears life going on outside.

This person is very talented and they chose some great quotes.
Thus, before it had even begun, my day was made.
I'm amazed. Like Joss's work, it is creative and thoughtful and funny.
Delightful. It had me in stitches! (groan)
Wow, the one of Buffy from The Body is simply amazing.
Woah! "The Body" one... crazy awesome!
That's talent, no way. Although I don't like the final result of pictures in stitches. Creepy.

My favourite ones are the curtains, River's quote and the lovely Mutant.
Those are all awesome. The curtains one would've been great if only they had included a comma. Le sigh.
An "embroidery" tag! Yay!!!
I believe I want that pincushion. I don't even use pins...
These are really cute, but I wanted a Joss plush dolly.
I liked one of the author's linked ones. Using all the birds are singing that you're gonna die with such a conventional sweet birdie pattern all around it. Good stuff.
Buffy's face is phenomenal. Wonder how long it took?
What a pointed tribute to our Jossir's creations.

(Sorry. I love these.)

I agree, newcj, this one by beefranck - is wonderful.

And beefranck also did this one, sure to please many.
The link to the Buffy one isn't working, but you can get to it here. There's another Buffy one there, as well as Spike and a couple of other show's characters. All of them in the happy-go-lucky style of The Body.

- Toppers
This is amazing work truly. The Reavers one is hilarious and Buffy's face is so hauntingly beautiful.
As an epic level cross-stitcher, I can tell you the Buffy screen cap stuff is made of win.

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