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August 10 2009

Fringe & Dollhouse crossover! Well okay.. Maybe not really, but Television Without Pity thinks it'd be cool.

No, no, a thousand times no.
You know what'd be cool? Pairing Fringe and Dollhouse on Thursday night if the ratings tank on Friday night.

Seriously, Fox.
I mean, granted, these are all tongue-in-cheek, but I started with a serious "no" because there are people out there seriously agitating for a Bones/Dollhouse crossover, which is even dumber.
I think gossi and b!X should team up to fight crime! Wackiness will ensue --- Fox, call me ;).
I can't handle any more wackiness, I may break.
Oh, c'mon, just a little... ;) This wackiness is wafer thin!
I'm not a fan of crossovers but I actually like the Medium/Mentalist idea.
Wait, I'm supposed to be fighting crime? Uhoh.
Oh, well, now you've given away the twist.
Dollhouse/Bones makes little to no sense. Unless Hodgins is a Doll.
The funny thing is that Angel is in the Dollhouse and Brennan actually hires Angel out as "Booth" to help her solve crime. See?
I'm going to need some fancy neurology talk from Topher to be convinced that the ensouled undead can be mind-wiped.

Also a Booth/Ballard fight scene. Because that would be pretty sweet. And potentially hilarious if they try to arrest one another first.
Booth actually was inside the Dollhouse once and didn't even know it. Some FBI agent.
I was frothing at the mouth when I saw that headline. I all calm now.
This would work. If Dollhouse gets a third season, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen.
I don't know, I think a Glee/House crossover would be kind of cool.
Good point Hacksaway!

Besides, we've had a Bones/Family Guy crossover already.
meh. i realize fringe is a popular show and do not want to rain on the parade of people who like it. ive also heard that it got better as the first season went along. but i generally find jj abrams' stuff to have a lot of flash but not much substance.
i thought the office/heroes crossover was a funnier idea.
a bones/chuck crossover is, however, the way to go.
Am I the only one here who thinks the Scrubs/Grey's Anatomy crossover idea would hilarious?
I think the Bones/Lie to Me crossover would be pretty cool cos they dont really mess up eachothers worlds because they have a near enough the same genre...sorta lol
Actually Dollhouse lends itself to "crossovers" pretty well. (Well, aside from the geographical problem if there are some scattered across the globe.)

I think it'd make for a neat experiment to maybe lend out one of our lead actives to do a guest starring stint on a different--presumably Fox-- show as a random character of the week, and then maybe on Dollhouse itself deal with the repercussions of the gig. ("Oh, we're helping this Glee club for charity" or "hey, it's not scrupulous to have our active be Jack Bauer's sidekick")

With any luck it could boost ratings from any curious viewers and at worst it might just be a forgotten factoid about network promoexperiments, like NBC's green weeks or that faux NYC power outage.
I only watched the first 6 or so episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and the first 4 or so seasons of 'Scrubs' but they seriously must make that crossover, it'd be hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrious. In fact, they should just make Dr Cox a sort of floating TV character that can randomly pop up at any time on any show and mock the other characters. There is no TV show that Perry Cox wouldn't improve. Fact.

Taken sort of seriously ...

Re: Dollhouse/Fringe, nah. I think the 'Fringe' universe is too separated from ours to mesh well with 'Dollhouse'. Programmable people are pretty run of the mill to the 'Fringe' guys (in fact, didn't they do it in like their 3rd or 4th episode ?).

'Bones' already kind of crossed over with 'Ghost Whisperer' last season (with the whole Teddy Parks ... I wanna say 'debacle' so I will ;) but I guess the obvious crossover there is 'Bones'/'House'. Brennan and House would clearly hit it off, Angela would clearly realise what a bad idea that would be and Booth/Wilson would provide the hilarity. The lab guys spend the episode trying to impress Cuddy while Cam rolls her (rather lovely) eyes a lot and makes perfectly delivered snarky comments. Not seen 'Glee' but a musical 'House' episode would also probably kick ass.
The Glee club coming to House's hospital would be great. All the singing and the dancing...I think he might let them die.
He might even help the process along somewhat ;).
b!x said:

..."no" because there are people out there seriously agitating for a Bones/Dollhouse crossover, which is even dumber.

(Running to hide the Bones/Castle crossover flag)

I never saw Numb3rs but the idea of mixing it with The Big Bang Theory was great.

[ edited by Brasilian Chaos Man on 2009-08-11 18:10 ]
I dunno, within the 'Numb3rs' universe itself it might just be too incongruous BUT a comedy spin-off where Leonard and Sheldon team up with Charlie and Larry could maybe work.

(and Bones/Castle might be alright too)

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