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August 11 2009

Serenity "Better Days" TPB for only $3.98. TFAW is having their annual Nick & Dent Sale.

Some of the Whedonverse Anthologies, especially BTVS, are on sale for wacky prices. Being partial to Serenity, I used that for the Headline. :D

Still waiting for a Hardcover release.
I would definitely recommend the Buffy Omnibus(es) to anyone who hasn't already purchased it(them). Excellent value for $10!
How badly would they be nicked/dented? Those are some tempting prices, but not if I'm gonna get something that's bent/torn out of shape.
At worst, the front cover will have been accidentally folded. Maybe a corner bashed. The damage will be enough to be noticeable -- beyond normal minor shelf-wear. Corner bashing is most common, since, if you imagine a box of stacked books, the chances that a corner will get smooshed is pretty high.

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