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August 11 2009

The Guild's "Do You Want to Date My Avatar?" now available on Xbox Marketplace. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a version for people without an Xbox :(. The single is also listed on Amazon with a release date of August 17.

If you download the Zune software you can download the video without owning an Xbox (or a Zune).

Here's a link:

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There's no version specifically for people without an Xbox because that comes later. Just like Microsoft gets the actual episodes first as well.
Now I get the Felicia Day thing. That's an amazing Euro-pop parody. Loved it. Also one of the backing dancers looks fairly familiar.
the episodes were always on MSN Video the same day they were on Xbox Live. Youtube came later…
As buffyangel299 mentions above you can download it if you have a Zune/Social account (free).
I wasn't makjng a direct comparison, merely pointing out that when one has a sponsor sometimes that sponsor gets first crack at being special.
Oh, it's on Zune too? Darn it, now I have to wait till I get home. That's how I usually watch The Guild but thought this was Xbox only. Well a few hours to wait is much better than 6 days.
Am I correct in thinking that Jed wrote the music for this? At least, that's what I remember hearing at Comic-Con. (And apologies if this was already mentioned to death at the time . . .)

Can't, but will have to, wait to give this a listen and look.
Zune no-go for Mac, huh. Ah, well, I'll live.
I think Felicia said she and Jed cowrote the song.
Felicia emailed Jed some lyrics, he made it awesome, and did the music.

Jed also directed the video, and Maurissa, as you can see, it's one of the dancers.

Also, the video will be available on MSN Video on the 17th.

And, about the one week later, that didn't happen last season, but apparently will happen now. It hasn't been mentioned before (not that I noticed), but it is listed on the "Info" at The Guild's Facebook that "Season 3 launches August 25th on Xbox Live, September 1st on MSN!".

I know that the "Knights of The Guild" podcast interviewed Felicia yesterday and asked about this, so we should know more soon.

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I watched it twice yesterday. The second time I noticed Maurissa was in it. It was in my head all day. I'm so glad I have an Xbox. I haven't even been playing video games recently, but I still use it daily.
Felicia said at Comic-Con she wanted a song that had a "Stacey Q" flavor. Yes, there was a one-hit wonder from the '80s called Stacey Q. The Guild video has a hint of "Two of Hearts" but you have to admit it's a lot better than most dance hits we have now. Monday can't come too soon for me.
This is amazing, I can't wait until I can share it with all my friends!
She's a star, hotter than reality by far. That was awesome. I can't get it out of my head, but maybe that's because my one year old nephew made me play it over and over again so he could dance to it. Great stuff.
Really looking forward to getting home and getting a copy for myself. It was such fun to see it at the panel, I've been waiting for it to be available ever since. They all did such a great job.

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