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August 11 2009

Pics of James Marsters' Torchwood figure. Captain John Hart wowed fans in the second series of Torchwood and now his action figure is now available for purchase (try or your local comic book shop if you're struggling to find him).

Thanks to quacky for the pics.

I've already got two copies of this wee fella, and I highly recommend getting one If you're a fan of the character as apart from being a great little likeness the detailing of the costume is just superb.
Wow! Very life like in the face.
I got mine. It is very nice. The costume, the boots, are the best I've seen on an action figure. The face is good, but I saw a picture of the original idea and thought it was better.
I added a couple more pics, one showing the packaging, and another comparing him with a Hussar figure.
Xane I agree about the better likeness on the prototype. It's a shame that they changed it (a request by the Beeb for some weird reason) but this version didn't turn out as bad as I'd originally feared.

Pity the scales out between the TW figs and the Buffy figs though. Never thought I'd see the day that Spike was taller then any other character. *g*
I saw the figurine at my local comic book shop yesterday looks pretty good and the face does look like James as well I like it. But didn't want to buy it cos I didn't have no place to put it

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