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"Too much hair!"
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August 11 2009

Want to look like Amy Acker's character in Dollhouse? Well now you can courtesy of That Costume Girl.

Wow. That's scary good.
The one at 4 o'clock looks so delicious, I like it more than all the other fishes...scars.
*blink* Well, it looks "real".
That is amazing work!
That is really fantastic!

I bet this method would work for making "battle damage" for a Terminator.

I shall have to experiment this summer.

Thank you.

I was at work and didn't know anyone read my post. Neat. Some of the scars are better than others.
I think Joss should hire her.
Aus still hasnt got Dollhouse on poor mans tv yet. I can't believe Josh put Amy into massive makeup props AGAIN! Poor Amy.
That's quite creepy :x
ha, maz, was going to say the exact same thing :)
What fine-looking scars!

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