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August 11 2009

(SPOILER) Covers and solicitation for Buffy Season 8 #30 & the Dr. Horrible one-shot. The issues are out in November.

That cover is nice, although it's not by the amazing Jo Chen. The description is kinda nondescript.
I think the description is non descript because this is supposed to be a really BIG issue.They don't want to give anything major away.

It still says enough for me though to get a ominous feel.

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Don't forget to scroll down the page a bit for the Dr. Horrible one-shot solicitation and covers.
I edited in the Dr. Horrible info as well to the header.Sorry about that.
Georges Jeanty's cover is intriguing. Is that Palden Lhamo in the background?
Those Buffy covers are ominous and a bit confusing. The Horrible covers all look great. That's not going to be an easy choice.
I think the Buffy covers are both pretty ominous too.But I really love the Adam Hughes one.
Yeah it's great. In that chilling, here comes the bad way.
Super excited about the Dr. Horrible one-shot. Great covers there. :)
Who's the male on Jeanty's cover, top right? Andrew, Oz, Riley?
I think that's Oz.
Holy crap! Buffy has a stake in hand! What does she think she is, a vampire slayer?!

Yeah, I said it.

This season has really been lacking in the staking. I realize it's not as exciting as bringing back dead characters and messing with the continuity, but it's good to see Buffy is back!


(I really hope season nine will be a smaller scale. At first I was excited about season eight's direction, but it seems to have lost its direction a bit....)
So basically, getting rid of all their powers and then sit around waiting for their enemies to track them down turns out to be a bad plan?

Someone push me over with a feather.
Is her stake glowing?
I was surprised to see utilizing Adam Hughes to only do a Buffy-only cover. If you can get someone who's even MORE renowned for likenesses, I was expecting a more rounded out cast image. Still, it's nice.
Based on the Scott Allie interview from days ago, I was hoping to see Jo's cover to the next tpb collection. Too bad.
And I think the Captain Hammer-centric cover will be the one I pick up, though the ensemble one is nice.

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That's what I thought; her stake seems to be glowing. Maybe it's a special stake. Or Hughes is just celebrating the return of the staking. Or it simply symbolises Slayer power.
That Hughes cover is very impressive, almost to the point that I want it as a poster. So it's only marginally less-exciting than the Chen covers I'm used to adoring. I actually recognized Oz from the Jeanty cover, which is great since the last cover featuring Oz looked a bit Andrew-y but I still presumed it was Oz based on what he was wearing and the context of the image.

The Dr. Horrible covers are all amazing and very much capture the feel of the actual Sing-Along Blog. Can't wait for it! Might have to buy all three.
Three Dr Horrible covers? Tsssk tsssk.
I will definitely be buying all 3 Dr. Horrible covers. I buy all Buffy and Angel covers as well. :)
It's kind of nice to see covers by other artists once in awhile. I like Jo Chen but she always has the same style. The wait for issue 30 will be long and painful.
I have a bad feeling about the Buffy story line....Isnt it like a TV/Movie rule that the guy whos just had a baby or just got married gets killed. I may not forgive the buffyverse if they damage my Oz.
It looks like SMG's face was superimposed onto the page, not a fan on this cover.

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