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August 11 2009

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty's Slayalive Q/A For Buffy #26. Jeanty's answers for last months Q/A are finally all up. Some interesting stuff.

Slayalive is currently doing a Q/A with Georges Jeanty for this month's issue 27.

Questions are still being taken.

I just got the feeling that Twilight's identity hasn't yet been drawn by him....which makes me very curious.....
Although the main (top) link is a Q&A for issue #26 more specifically, there are spoilers for #27 as well, which came out last week (for those like me who haven't read it yet--oops--but thought this link might be safe due to having read #26 from July).

Some interesting behind-the-scenes bits there.

Can't wait to see Oz's bettered werewolf form too--something like the creatures in The Howling sounds way better than anything they did on screen in Buffy, although I suppose the gray snarly thing from "Phases" was better and closer to Howling-wolves than the puffy monkey-thing from "Beauty and the Beasts" and later episodes it was featured in...really the best look for werewolf-Oz was his mid-change in Season 4's Halloween ep "Fear, Itself".

I can't remember how werewolf-Nina looked on Angel, but it was a CGI-wolf for the first time in the Buffyverse, no ? I vaugely remember it being the best, though I don't think it stayed still and in frame much.
He says in the interview Twilight will be revealed in issue 30. Or that's how I took it. And since he is working on issue 29 now it would make sense he hasn't drawn him outside of costume yet.
Actually, Georges is currently on #30. If he hasn't already finished that. He was already on #30 as of SDCC '09, and he was finishing up on it this week.
No I meant a lot of people think it's Harth or Ethan Rayne who's Twilight.....although now that I type this I just realized he never drew Harth....hmmm......
Kris Nina in werewolf form was of the man in suit variety. I remember seeing photos about it's construction in mags at the time.
I love that Dichen Lachman is Bay. That is fantastic.
I just love that this interview basically destroys the idiotic theory that Xander is Twilight. If he hasn't drawn him yet, it means it's not someone we've seen in the COMICS yet. Still not sure if it's someone from the past though.

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