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August 11 2009

Bid for teddy bears signed by Jane Espenson and Felicia Day. The money raised will go to The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Auctions for bears signed by the likes of Nathan Fillion, Tom Lenk and Mark Sheppard are still to come.

And James Marsters in the "still to come" category.
I really want the Jane Espenson bear. I'm a bit of a Jane fanatic and I don't think I own any Espenson memorabilia. I may need to bid.
And Morena Baccarin.

If I had money I'd probably bid on Kristen Bell and David Cronenberg. Or rather on their bears.
There's a TON of Whedon peeps still to come. Not just JM. Serenity & Dollhouse cast as well.
Here are some that I'm pretty sure of:

Next: Nathan Fillion, Tom Lenk, Mark Sheppard

Still to Come: Morena Baccarin, James Callis, Frenchie Davis (Paul's co-worker, right?), James Marsters

Completed: Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, Mark Sheppard, Alan Tudyk
Thanks so much for taking a look!

Don't forget to check out the gloves, too... you'll see a Whedon item there. ;)

And, I *do* take requests. My next batch of auctions will be themed around the Emmys... but if I have special requests I can either slip them in or figure out a related theme for another batch. :)

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