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August 12 2009

(SPOILER) Angel: Only Human #1 Discussion Thread. Spinning off of Angel #23, Scott Lobdell and David Messina take on this story featuring Illyria and Gunn.

I enjoyed the drawing, except for the weird looking beard that would appear and then disappear from Gunn's chin. The story was written for people who have never watched any of 'Angel', which seemed redundant and labored. Basically I can't really recommend this to anyone, but I'll probably keep reading because I've always liked Fred's parents and I'd like to see where this story is going (assuming it is going anywhere).
I should have my copy tomorrow.
I really enjoyed this. Besides all the unnecessary backstory, I didn't have many issues with this at all. Scott has a great handle on Gunn and Illyria, is respecting what Brian set up in After the Fall and Messina is always awesome.
I have my copy now and thought it was a really good start.

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I bought it. 'Salright.
I liked it better than most of the post-S5 Angel comics. No gratuitous return of old characters, decent likenesses, good internal monologues... It has a story and moves it along, unlike the Dru comic that just came out.

Sad that there are so few comments on this.

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