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August 12 2009

Buffy season 8 and Dr. Horrible on the syllabus of Henry Jenkins' new course at USC on transmedia storytelling, which includes a section on the Whedonverses. He notes "I still have room for more students."

The syllabus also includes Jane E.'s BSG webisodes.

Oh cool, I'm going to USC. I am sadly, however, all registered up for the semester. (psst, hey cast and crew of Dollhouse: it'd be great if you could stop by one of my film classes this semester)
Wow! And he leaves the best for last!

I live on the wrong coast.
This is beyond awesome. "L. Frank Baum, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien .... Joss Whedon" ;)

I finished school way too soon. I would have actually applied myself to something other than partying, if this kind of stuff had been available.

Watch: BSG The Face of the Enemy, - Watch: The Wire - Watch: Dr. Horrible! And I love at the end "Across the Whedonverse".

I am such a geek for this kind of stuff, just reading about it kinda made my day.
Cool I think that's the first time I seen Buffy season 8 referenced in academia.
I sooooo want to be in this class!
The closest I got to ever incorporating the 'verse into my academic studies was a paper on strong female characters in the media for my women's studies class and a series of Whedon character portraits for advanced printmaking. I agree with Nebula1400, I should've gone to Cali.
I took a couple of Prof. Jenkins' classes at MIT. If anyone had a chance to take em, I would recommend them. Surprisingly hard I tell ya and yet fun.
I wish they had a Buffy class at my school, but I'm fairly sure my professors are sick of me relating everything they teach me to Joss Whedon.
I took a paper on television studies last year and we had one lecture on complex narratives. Our reading highlighted Joss Whedon's work as a stellar example of combining standalone and overarching mythology. Our case study was a Buffy episode from Season 6. It intrigued me so much that I decided to check out the rest of the Whedonverse :)

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