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August 12 2009

Everyone's favorite weasel. Vincent Kartheiser explains why he loves playing Pete, Don Draper's bitter foil on Mad Men.

Heh, from the subject line/link, before the description, I thought this was about to be an article about Willie, the bartender/informant from Buffy Season 2 (and 3?).
Very lively and interesting article. I have a better appreciation for the character of Pete after seeing him through Vincent Kartheiser's eyes. Better appreciation doesn't always translate into liking the character any more, but I have a better understanding for his motivations, and what is behind some of his more reprehensible behavior.

That sense of 'the villain who sees himself as the hero' comes through. It's good to see that Mr. Kartheiser enjoys portraying and understands the character of Pete. That enthusiasm for the character does translate into bringing depth and humanity to Pete... especially when Pete is being shallow and not so much the poster boy for the positive sides of human behavior.

Mad Men is so well done, it is art. I'm really looking forward to the new season!
Definitely good to see such enjoyment and depth of understanding. It definitely comes through in how the character as played and makes it an even more satisfying show to behold. Well done, Mr. Kartheiser. Season 3 Premieres this Sunday, August 16 at 10PM/9C on AMC ;).

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