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August 12 2009

Minneapolis, MN Three nights of Serenity + Dr. Horrible Thursday. Cute Snowperson logo.

Current CSTS Confirmed Donation tally $27,713.88. Lots of events still left this year.

Snap! Already bought my tickets and I am so ready to go tomorrow night to the Dr. Horrible's/Serenity night!!! See everyone at the Riverview!!
Do you think my sister would be mad if I left her wedding rehearsal to go to this? :s Finally something happens here in MN and I'm unable to go. Sad.

Dr. Horrible is only on Thursday, but Serenity is all three nights.
Anonymous1, I know but I have the rehearsal dinner tomorrow, Friday we have to go get all of the flowers and make them all, and then saturday is the wedding. :( All 3 days I'm booked solid. That's what I get for being the damn maid of honor. You get stuck having to help out with everything lol. Maybe I can get out of the flower making early though. I mean how long does it take to make all of the boutonnieres, bouquets, and pew decorations........

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NAK! How did we not hear about this? I'm afraid we're busy. :(
WooHoo! Driving three hours one way to see it but we'll be there!
The Riverview is such a nice venue, btw. I missed out on the Horribleness at Comic-Con, but I get to see it tonight! HA!!!!

holypotatoes, what if you offer to bring the tulle and such with you? You can totally create while watching, right?
holypotatoes, screenings of Serenity have been happening for awhile there in MN. Are you a member of the Minnesota Firefly forum? You'll hear of more stuff going on. :D

(sorry for the plug...just had to...even though I'm in Texas...)
Sold out crowd at the Riverview, they were turning people away just after we got in. Lots of laughing & singing during Dr. Horrible. I didn't stay for the raffle/auction or Serenity but I'd guess they've made a nice chunk of change tonight.
jrs1980, I totally could! Although where would I keep all of the stuff if the place is packed?

violyns, I'm not unfortunately. Maybe I should join just to get up to date info on when things are going on.

Glad to hear the event went well tonight though!

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