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August 13 2009

Tom Lenk is Mortified this weekend in San Francisco! Friday, August 14, and Saturday, August 15, 2009.

WHEN: Friday, August 14, and Saturday, August 15, 2009
TIME: 8:00 PM
VENUE: Make-Out Room
ADDRESS: 3225 22nd St, 94110

description from Tom:
Performers and non-performers read, much to the delight of the audience, their mortifying journals, diaries, essays, lyrics Ö basically anything they wrote during their adolescence. As an audience member several times myself, I can tell you that I couldnít stop laughing. - Tom

Hang on... why can Whedon link to himself and/or not link to anything but Lenk's self-link gets deleted? I would have thought that was a purple-y privilege!
Joss is boss.
Well Tom's twitter/prophecy came to pass, but Harmalicious and newcj stepped up to promote him themselves. I will try to be there, this weekend, at the Make-Out Room; I saw Tom a few years ago in 'Will You Be My Special Friend' (in LA) and he puts on a GREAT show!
Hang on... why can Whedon link to himself and/or not link to anything but Lenk's self-link gets deleted?

There are multiple VIPs (purple), but only one Joss.

And now let's discuss Tom's show. Email if you want to continue to talk about site policy.
I think all TOm Lenk or another purpley person needs to do is send the info to a mod and they would post it for them. Or they could put a Wedonesque mailing list together of some of us who would be happy to post for them...
It sounds hysterical. Wish I could be there. Alas, wrong continent.
lord, to think of some of the silly things i wrote as a teenager. particularly the poetry. most especially the poetry to that one girl who maybe didnt even know i was alive. oh, the humanity!
Lordy, part of me is glad I lost all of that adolescent writing, and part of me is desolate.

Well, I do have some po'try - but the diaries & letters is all looong gone.

I think "Mortified" sounds like a hoot of a painful idea. And I'd love to see Tom Lenk in it.
Mr. Lenk is a brave man.
I live in S.F. and I wanna go. Now, to find willing others.... might not be easy, this weekend is super-busy so we'll see.
I'm just gonna hope it comes to LA. Sounds fun.
OMG that is a great idea. It sounds awkwardly amazing.
I'd go to this if it were in LA. When I saw the video of Maurissa's Mortified bit, I wished I'd gone. Hilarious.

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