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August 12 2009

(SPOILER) Ben Edlund Reveals Lessons from Joss Whedon (Supernatural spoilers). A video interview from 2009 SD Comic-Con where Ben Edlund talks about Joss's influence on him. Supernatural spoiler at the end.


Sorry - couldn't resist. :)
Ben on the current cultural interest in the supernatural:

"There's a bunch of angst & anxiety and the zeitgeist is actually a little shaken right now - it's got a mild concussion, and I think that turning towards 'what might be' is a powerful analgesic - it soothes that, if you know what I mean. So I think, yeah, we're on the rise. Handy for people who work in genre."

I thought that was pretty interesting. Guy's got a way with words. ; >
I love Ben. I really do.
Why do I want to put him in a big van with a talking dog?
And points for using the word "zeitgeist"
Ben wrote Smile Time. Ben wrote Jaynestown. Ben is awesome.
In Supernatural he wrote "Bad Day at Black Rock", "Ghostfacers", "Monster Movie" and most of my favorite episodes... he's great with making the silly hilarious episodes that sucker punch you in the gut.
Odd. Not really a fan of Supernatural but from the looks of it, he's done a lot of episodes I've seen and thought were better than normal. Would've been even greater if it's two leads were cast differently - I liked Jared in Gilmore Girls and I didn't mind Jensen in Smallville, but can't stand them acting as Sam & Dean.

Keep it up, Ben, anyway! You make me enjoy the show.
Jayme, I don't understand...if you can't stand Sam & Dean, why do you watch the show? They are the show. Frankly, for me, I just couldn't imagine anyone else in their roles. Currently, Supernatural is my favorite show that I can't wait to return in the fall, along with Dexter...oh, and Big Bang Theory, and, well, I obviously watch too much TV, but Supernatural is definately at the top of my list.
I love when sincere genuine people explain their methods. Supernatural is my favorite on air show at the moment as well. Awesome that he learned how important characterization is from Joss! Thanks so much for this link! :)
Oh, I really really LOVE Ben Edlund. He's just awesome.

And *sigh*, I can't wait for SPN to start back up next month. It sounds really epic. XD
Very cool. I also am a big fan of Ben's and a recent Supernatural fan. I never saw it before until this May, when I watched all four seasons over the course of a few weeks.

Last season was the best yet, and I can't wait to see what happens next.
I love the way he talks with his hands. It's worth the watch just for that. ;)

Based on what Ben and everyone else has been saying, it looks like this season is shaping up to be pretty awesome. September 10th can't get here fast enough.
Luvspike, my entire family watches it, and that seemingly never happens for any other proper show. Plus it airs on a Sunday evening here.
Supernatural has the toughest time slot - 9pm Thursdays. I wonder what show on that night is going to be the first to be moved/canceled.

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