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"Iím not exactly quaking in my stylish, yet affordable boots."
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August 13 2009

The Trio's Van is in the top 10 nerdware list.

Omg, this list is really happening?

And yes, I'd have to go with a Lightsaber. Hands down.
Personally I want to live in Serenity, or (if that is impossible) the TARDIS.
eta: I guess they are talking about something smaller (at least the TARDIS is small on the outside, it is only huge on the inside!).

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I love this list in no small part because the Dr. Lazarus fan head piece is on the list... and I have one!
I must admit, I've also wanted that horn since I heard it.
Right with you embers.
What's better then a huge travelling house that shouldn't pay high land taxes.

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