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August 13 2009

Dollhouse coming to Spain. Link is in Spanish (Google Translate), but the important part is that the series will begin on Thursday, September 3. Here is the website (not yet filled in).

I've seen it already, and I don't want to listen to the dubbed version, and possibly a 4:3 cropped picture.

But I'm happy about Dollhouse being known in my country :P
Fran was in Frasier? I must try and hunt that down sometime.
Film dubbing here in Spain used to be brilliant .I hate dubbing, but once you accept its existence, theres a good job, and theres a bad job, and we used to do a first class job. Lately some rush jobs have lowered the quality a bit, buts ist still very professional.

But tv dubbing is atrocious. Buffy is virtually unwatchable. Yes, there is the dual button that gives you the chance to hear the original language, sometimes even with subtitles.But its a shame that a lot of people will be sufering such a pathetic dubbing anyway. Not everybody is up to the original language experience. Some just prefere it in their own. They, and the shows, deserve better.
The Spanish BtVS dub is quite terrible (and I've listened extensively to both the French and Spanish dubs). The French dub is definitely better. What I've heard of the German dub is good in terms of voice tones matching the original and having some sense of matching the emotional vocal coloring (though I've heard that German dub is very formal). The Italian isn't quite as strong as the French and German dubs, but probably on par with the Spanish dub from what I've heard of it.

Buffy and Cordelia's way-too-deep Spanish voices make me want to rip my ears out. Cordy sounds matronly. Well, French Tara's singing is pretty brutal, too. Some of the voices they get are absolutely fantastic (Willow, Fred and Spike often seem to be spot-on), but those are not among them.

I also think the guys they get for Angel never quite got that David's voice is actually on the soft side.
Well dubbing is not only a matter of voices, the ones who have to translate whedon's dialogues and funny puns must have one hell of a hard time
Hi all! íHola!

It's great to hear that more members are spanish, I was pretty sure I was alone! ;D

The show will be aired in cable network FOX TV, and as it's usual that once aired at FOX, we'd be watching the show at CUATRO channel -former Canal Plus Spain, by summer 2010. That's the channel which aired Buffy for the first time and in the time it went through the same process _pay tv airing, later open airing on spring-summer.

Regarding to Buffy's dubbing, I have to agree with maz _it's a question of language more than of voices, and although I mostly dislike the Spain's spanish version _there is another one for Latin America, totally different, I have to disagree regarding Buffy's voice specifically. The work they did with her character and Giles' were accurate and caring, unlike Angel and, over all, Spike's voices that were freaking bad. In fact, when I could watch the show in the original english version, it was like a rediscovery because of James Masters' voice.
The french dubbing for BTVS is technically good, the voices were very well chosen, especially for Buffy's character... the real problem comes from the translation, they just removed many of the references, and the dialogue are softer and a lot less snappy.
But I still think it's better than many other dubbing... the french one for Firefly was particularly terrible.

As for Dollhouse, it should come to France this fall on cable.
The Brazilian-Portuguese dubbing is very good (Anthony had the same dubber of Bruce Willis and SMG one is the same of Lisa Kudrow, a especialist in blond girls/cheerleaders) but, off course, the original is better.

Maybe one of you spanish speakers could answer me if the Echo's line "muchachos, si arman bronca, les prometo mucha madre" was really that or I'm heard it wrong, because I have now idea that there is that expression with the "mother" word, instead of "mas".

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