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August 13 2009

A Comic Con red carpet interview with Joss Whedon. In which he manages to talk about if Firefly is coming back, the Dr Horrible sequel, the new Buffy movie (and use an Astonishing X-Men analogy for it), Buffy seasons 8 and 9 and Sugarshock! all in the space of 85 seconds.

Not sure this is so much exclusive, despite their claim, since he seems to actually be talking to several people at once and I've seen large segments of this days ago somewhere else. Heh.

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Yeah, I think io9 posted this a while back. Just without the flashy editing.
Not 100%, but it looks a bit liek the outside of the Wrath Of Con party at the Hard Rock in San Diego.
His voice was trashed! Poor Joss. Imagine how many words he must've spoken that day.

I know his attitude about the B movie is probably really healthy and fair for him to have, but I'm a little annoyed he's so shruggy about it. Really don't ever want to see one without him involved. No, really.

Wow he seemed all smiley and proud papa-y about Sugarshock. That was sweet.
Is it possible the Dr. Horrible sequel might not be a musical ? Just wondered about that when he said format and some other stuff (though he probably meant the medium by which he'll deliver the filmed tale, whether it be more free-streamed, pay-for-download, direct-to-DVD/blu, or aired on some channel first).
Even though I watched the beginning several times, I'm not sure I correctly heard what he said about Firefly. Was it "no one has ever given me the slightest hope?" That's the expected message, but is that what he said?
I had trouble with the beginning as well, not understanding exactly what Joss was saying. I just heard something like "not even the slightest hope" and that was pretty much all I needed to hear :(
Yeah, definitely not what I wanted to hear, but expected.

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