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August 14 2009

Happy Birthday Robin Balzer! Cheers for the Minder of Buffy S8 Issue 10, the only character in all the 'verses who's got the same name in our 'verse!

Here is the Comic Book Resources story of how Robin came to be chosen as Minder. Here is a story on Joss's original announcement and Jerrod's letter.

The fairy tale themes in "Dollhouse" add a lot of resonance to one of the lines Joss gave Robin in "Anywhere But Here"--

"The important thing is that you rescue the prince."

Many intriguing ways to read that. :D
Especially when time gets all bendy.

Happy birthday, Robin!
Happy birthday.

But I know someone with the name "Ethan Rayne"... ok, so his last name isn't spelled "Rayne", but it's pronounced the same.
Happy birthday, Robin. May the slayer in your head protect you forever.

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