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August 14 2009

Television Without Pity does Epitaph One. A major synopsis of Epitaph One done in the unique TWOP style.
OK, TWOP usually annoys me, but that was a pretty accurate and quite positive recap. I can't particularly argue about any of the snark, either, because I think it was both deserved and in good humour (contrary to the only Firefly TWOP recap I could be bothered to read).
Havent read much of TWOP so I can't speak to how this compares to other entries.
I will say, however, that I like a well done snark and in this case the writer clearly watched the show closely. Nothing worse than poorly-crafted, lazy snark.

In other news, I finally got the last Dollhouse disc from Netflix and watched 'Epitaph One' last night. I like it!

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wouldestrous, could you please capitalize and punctuate properly? It makes comments a whole lot easier to read.
OK, I take it back. I'm reading their recap of "Serenity" (the episode) and it's made me titter a good few times so far.
Beren77, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Couch Baron! I didn't realise he was recapping Dollhouse - I'll have to go read all of them now. He's the reason I started reading TWoP recaps, because I loved his VM ones so much (for anyone who likes the show, go read his recap of the pilot and fall under his infectious love for it all over again). He and Jacob are pretty much the only two recappers I enjoy reading...

All I was really trying to say with that paragraph was 'ooh, cool.' :)
Thy did make one little mistake, when they were talking about Dr Saunders stitching Caroline up and saying "Caroline says that's good, because she knows where Safe Haven is".
Caroline never uses the words Safe Haven, and comments "So that's what they're calling it now?" when she awakes in Iris's body.
This is why I think Whiskey, who bought up Safe Haven, has clearly interacted with people in the days since Caroline and the gang left the Dollhouse and why I suspect she's done this over and over and wasn't killed by the gas.
Pretty merciful review - simply cos of the badass episode we're talking about here. Not many weaknesses to make fun of.
He certainly seems to hate Caroline just for waking up in the morning, doesn't he?
I haven't watches Epitaph One yet and therefore I didn't read the recap either (yet), but I'm following TWOP for years and this side is mostly great. Couch Baron has done all the Dollhouse eps and his recaps have been snarky where it was deserved and he praised the show when it was called for. I was very excited, when I picked up that his recap of Epitaph One was more than positive. Can't wait for the DVD to come out in Europe!
For all of you who have mixed feelings about TWOP because of the horrible Firefly-recaps, go back and read Couch Barons recaps of Dollhouse, Veronica Mars and Buffy(!) - they are great and you can see, that he knows his stuff and cares about the shows.
I just bought Epitaph One from ITunes and loved it. Thought it was a good ending to the show if not renewed, but a wonderful start to the 2nd season. This year should be great..Amy Acker does not get enough credit, she is an excellent actress.

BTW I did not have any trouble reading wouldestous comments.
I edited my comment. I can be lazy about punctuation and so forth. I sometimes forget that everyone is not a native English speaker. :)
Finally got around to seeing Epitaph One tonight. Intriguing to say the least. I'm not sure what to think though.

I'll probably keep watching. Very ambitious...

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