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August 14 2009

Happy Birthday Zack Whedon! Felicia twittered today is Zack's birthday. Happy Birthday to the man who came up with all the good lines in Doctor Horrible (and made them funny).

Happy Birthday, Zack! Hope you have a good one and many more to come! :)
Happy Birthday, Zack!

Happy Birthday, Zack!
Zack is, I believe, the one who wrote the line 'The Hammer is my ...', and wanted to include the line 'The Penny is her ...', so I would really love to know what exactly 'Zack' is.
Happy Birthday to the youngest and coolest of the Whedon Brothers!
And don't forget he had that whole backstory for Moist and those underprivileged kids. It's compelling!
He's the youngest! Zack!

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