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August 14 2009

Nathan Fillion Talks to Watch With Kristin at E!. Dr. Horrible, Castle and Emmy stuff all get discussed.

God, the E! video player sucks. Also, I'm not sure this can be described as "Nathan let slip" re: Dr. Horrible's writers, since we already know this from Joss.

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I love how everyone (well, everyone from HIMYM and DrH anyway) has decided that Neil should fix the Emmy votes. :)

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There's no need to fix the votes.. Dr. Horrible is gonna win anyway damnit. Have a little faith people :D!
That Nikki Heat book idea they mention is kinda brilliant, in my mind. Sure, it's probably a crap book, but it's great marketing.
I read the first chapter of the Nikki Heat book yesterday (they're making it available to download, a chapter per week on ABC's website). It is a crap book...a wonderfully, fantastically crap book!
Ahaha, I just went and had a look at the first page, and you are so right. It manages to simultaneously be both amusingly crap and sound a lot like it's written by Castle (who I love despite his ridiculousness). If they can keep that tone up for a whole book, I might rather enjoy it...
Will the internet category actually be in the live show? Because I'd like to see Joss say "my precious! fuckers, i still won't forgive you for ignoring buffy for 7 seasons!"

Though Joss would probably be all polite and just giggle like a little girl. And I want to see/hear that!
I thought Fake Thomas Jefferson was going to stuff the Emmy ballot box, or campaign for votes by showing Emmy voters the DVD. It may not be evil, but at least it'll help Joss finally get that Emmy. I mean, how can a Super Bowl halftime show with Bruce Springsteen be better than an evil lovelorn villian who can really belt out a tune?

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There is a link to the Heat Wave first chapter online here

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