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August 14 2009

Catch up on Dollhouse with Double Dollhouse Days! Fan Campaign to catch everyone up on Dollhouse before Season 2 starts. Starts today with Ghost and The Target.

Darnit! I'm working! And um I don't have the DVDs yet.
I've never seen the show. But I hope it raises awareness and bonhomie.
I'm not watching today. Tomorrow! Until Boyd gets shot. With a bow. Right in the side. And soldiers on.
I'm totally onboard (with mah DVD's) here but we spent all day almost in the country and doing touristy stuff because a friend is visiting and stuff.

Oh, the fun. Stuck in a car with family. I slept a lot. XD

So I started it technically on Saturday but I hadn't gone to sleep yet so it was kinda still Friday in my head. :D


One ep to go. lol. XD

[ edited by druzilla on 2009-08-15 01:54 ]
Druzilla don't worry, it's still Friday in the USA, and since we're counting down to the USA premiere of season 2 that is the time that matters right? As of this writing it will still be strictly more than 6 weeks before Dollhouse season 2 is aired here (I guess those lucky people on the east coast will then already be enjoying it).

Edited as I'm blind and did not look carefully enough.

[ edited by Celebithil on 2009-08-15 02:15 ]
Not to mention, on the worry front, that the site specifically says:
Double DOLLHOUSE Days take place on Fridays because Dollhouse itself will air on Fridays. But the world won't end if you have to participate over the weekend instead. After all, since strong DVR numbers helped lead to Season Two, who can complain if your own Double DOLLHOUSE Days take place, say, on Saturday or Sunday?

Random, yet DH related. This may be my favorite pic ever:
Ugh, we're supposed to watch Stage Fright AND Gray Hour on my birthday?

Not to be ungrateful, but no thanks.
No one's "supposed" to do anything. ;)

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