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August 14 2009

If We Ran Entertainment Weekly... we would totally run this fake EW Whedonverse cover every single week. Check out The TV Addict's preference over the endless Twilight covers we've been getting.

ETA: fake - because some people could think this is real *avoids looking at Meltha*

Okay, I say this with a solid history of heterosexuality but the Joss cover is sa-weet!
I'd have to import it if something like that ever came to fruition. It would also make a fantastic desktop wallpaper.
EW isn't what is used to be, but I still have a subscription. Endless covers devoted to Harry Potter and Twilight, among other things I'm not a fan of. Remember back in the day when they did a Buffy issue with Gellar on the cover and reviewed the first 3 seasons? Those were the days.
I still like what's in-between, but there are a lot of shows that get good reviews inside and don't get covers anymore. :(
That be an issue I'd buy multiple bundles.
Excellent! I groaned when I pulled the Twilight cover out of the mailbox today.

GhostsWatcher, they've never had as many HP covers as they have Twilight. The only time Harry's on the cover is when something major (a new book or movie) is about to be or has just been released. These Twilight covers every couple of months is getting a bit ridiculous.
Best EW cover ever!!!
Heh, that's really cool.
It is a sad, sad thing that I actually fell for that cover. It is sadder that I made chipmunk-happy noises and was actually plotting to go to the 7-11 and pick this up immediately. Saddest of all is that in place of this glory, there is a freaking Twilight cover. Again.
Excellent. I'd certainly buy that.
That is so awesome!
Great cover! I'm an EW fan, but the Twilight loving is getting on my nerves.
How many goats do we need to sacrifice to get this cover?

I don't even subscribe to that mag (Many moons ago, when it was new & my mom still subscribed to mags, we got it) but I'd run out to the bookstore & buy this issue.

Especially if the accompanying articles had lots of pretty pictures to illustrate them. And not old recycled stock photos, either.
As Neo would say, blimey.

Also homage?
Hah! Probably not. But would've been nice to see some Josskin. ;)
If I see some of these cover designs, I may actually become an EW subscriber:)

Ah, I think we just having a smile here. Fair be told, the editors of EW have been most supportive in their articles and are fans as well.
If EW ran those kind of covers I'd subscribe and give gift subscriptions to everyone I know.
For some reason I only just now clicked on the link to the first time did this, which was the Eliza-fication of EW and which I could've sworn was a real cover. Weird. Also, I couldn't find it posted here even though I saw it everywhere for a while. Weird again.
I'm very happy to know it's a Joss Whedon world and content to be living in it. I just hope he doesn't kill me if I get too happy.
It's a Joss Whedon world and he just needs to rule it.

(I'm loving the cover, they should accept the advice..)
Indeed. I'm thinking that "Dollhouse" season two will, "Take off like a train and everyone on board had better hold on tight 'cause we ain't stopping."

Funny how history repeats itself.
Mhm... some TV executives should better get off ot that train ;)
He's nicked DB's jacket! He wears it well, though. ;)

Love the cover!
EW is cool because the subscription rate is down to $10 a year.
Some of the issues lately seem like pamphlets though, so few pages. Might be an ad/recession thing.
That's great. But my guess is that EW is owned by some conglomerate that has a major investment in the Twilight series, whilst not much more than a pence in the Whedonverse.

Damn, that's what vacationing in the UK does to a guy.
I like it - and it reminds me of this, wot I made around the time of the 1st Dollhouse network broadcast, for some specific reason that eludes me now.

Possibly I looked within my own soul or something.

When Joss finally makes this, he will get the worldwide, mainstream recognition he so rightfully deserves:

"I'm working on 'Buffy: Deep Space Nine. It will be dark and badly received." - Joss,
Entertainment Weekly Angel TV Preview (Published in issue #727-728 Sep 12, 2003)

I patiently await both this and "ANDREW: The Musical" - as promised.
chazman: Where did you find a subsciption for EW for $10?! I just got billed for a renewal for $33.55. I think I am being ripped off!!!
Anyway, I have been a subscriber to EW since issue 1, and I can tell you it's not as good as it was in the 90's.
I've been subscribing since the 90's as well, and you are right Little Green Kid, it's not as good. Also, subscriptions every year have cost me about 60 bucks! But this year they charged me I think as little as 10 to 20 dollars. Must be tough times for EW.
I remember paying over $120 for a three-year subscription (at a substantial discount!) and worth every damned penny. Now EW itself will probably tell you that much of their content has migrated to the web, which is fine: I'd rather have slim EW than none at all. They just need to remember that Joss Whedon sells issues too.
Amazon has a $20 one-year or $35 two-year subscription listed. Really enjoyed this link :).
I will say EW has at least not sold out and become a gossip magazine yet. EW still focuses on entertainment and leaves the tabloid garbage at the door.
chazman: Where did you find a subsciption for EW for $10?!

I don't remember how, but somehow got involved with TimeWarner Friends & Family program. It's nothing super exclusive. They let you share the link to their site (see example via email here). Some of their deals are real good (like EW) - others seem the same as the regular subscription price. I signed up for 3 years for $30. If want the next time I get an offer (think they do at least couple times a year), I can forward the link. Or the might use the same link again (, so maybe try every month and see if it pops up again.

On side note, Target is offering S7 of Buffy, and S5 ofAngel on DVD for $12.99 for the week starting 8/16.
Think that's the cheapest I've seen a name store offer one of the Buffy/Angel DVD seasons.

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Needs to be made into a poster.
My new desktop pic!
Needs to be made into a poster.

Yes! I asked him if I could get a good digital copy for personal use only -- no response. Ah, well, maybe I'll just make my own.
I've been getting EW for free because years ago I flew on US Airways, joined their club, and I keep getting these free magazine offers. It's weird.
I am so freakin' sick of Twilight being on the cover and having special magazines devoted to it, and how it's all about vampires - and either Twilight, True Blood, or the Vampire Diaries, all which are horrible (or going to be horrible in the case of VD) and a shadow of what Buffy is. Sometimes I flip through the magazine and pretty much throw it out that day because there's just no substance to the magazine anymore.
I really wish mag's would take a step back and recognize and appreciate how much Joss has added to the entirety of pop culture, especially with a cover like that.

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