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August 15 2009

James Marsters August Q and A. Questions range from Spike's vampire make-up, a few words about Andy Hallett, and favorite outdoor activies.

James Marsters August Q&A quote:

I've noticed that many fans sing along with you at concerts. What goes through your mind when you look out at an audience and find them singing the songs that you wrote along with you?
I hope we all keep the same time (laughs).

Is he talking to ME?? Is he talking to ME??!!

I thought it was too loud and dark for anyone to notice my little sing-a-longs.
I'm laughing because not only can I not keep time, I can't sing in tune. So, I'm sure I've been a perfect delight to others standing near me. Maybe in future I will consider just smiling and swaying.
I so miss Andy. There has never been a more gentle soul amounst us since.
Re. the early plays he did, James mentions Ibsen's "Dollhouse".

This is an actor who knows his plays and playwrights. So I'm thinking, once you've been part of the Whedonverse, it stays in your subconscious forever. ;)

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