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August 15 2009

Why we love Malcolm Reynolds. A look into the moral fiber of our favorite heroes.

Batman, Iron Man and Malcolm Reynolds all have two things in common. One is that they are not squeaky-clean heroes. The other is that fans love them. For most fans, these characters wouldn’t be the same if they followed the “Superman” mold. They would lack something special that we can relate to.

The article is short and sweet. However, Batman in particular is an old character which has received different treatments than perhaps the one the author is discussing. I suppose it is worth noting that Batman as portrayed by Adam West in the 1960s television show is decidedly not a darkly flawed sort of hero.
but batman in general is the dark flawed hero. the adam west batman was a "kid friendly" show, they couldn't have characters all broody and dark in the 60's
Having just watched an episode of "The Prisoner," where the hero is indeed a little grim, yes you could -- once or twice. But that was exceptional.

Also, I know of few true Batman fans who prefer the Adam West version to, say, the version in "The Dark Knight Returns."
In the 60's, broody and dark was the purview of Brit TV (like The Prisoner). Offhand I can't think of anything American series wise except shows like The Twilight Zone occasionally.
I think we all love the fact that our superheros can indeed, hold your breath, have a few flaws in nature. Trends to make them more human and like us.

Oh, you can release your breath now:)
"Batman, Batman, I've got a stitch!"
"Let's hope it's a stitch in time, Robin."

Gotta love the Adam West Batman. :)
I love Mal (my favourite Firefly character) AND I love Superman. Just because Supes is physically strong and physically invulnerable doesn't mean he doesn't have emotional struggles. You can be a good person and still be interesting (and I think Mal is a good, albeit damaged, person.)

Just getting tired of the old Batman is more interesting than Superman argument.
I cant help it, i gotta say.... That photo soooo looks like a porno pose, but he has clothes on. Its just not right.
Would you have preferred a shot from Trash of Mal channeling Rodan's The Thinker, treenie?


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