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August 16 2009

Dublin, Ireland & Auckland, New Zealand having CSTS Affiliate City events. Date hasn't been set for New Zealand yet. 7 Countries.

2009 Current Donation Tally $27,713.88

Eee! That's where I am :D My first CSTS - can't wait!
I'm delighted that Dublin is not only getting Serenity this year, but is getting a Dr Horrible screening.

I can't wait for more details on this!
@Ultimate Simon, Dublin is an Affiliate event so they're screening Dr Horrible only. It's being run as part of GaelCon 2009 in October. They're also planning a live stage production of Dr Horrible.
@JenskiJen Thanks for the info. While it ain't quite what i was hoping for, it still sounds like it's be worth going to!
@Ultimate Simon - I am sorry it's not a full Serenity screening. Is the trouble getting prints over there? For what it's worth, the screening I attended this year ran off the DVD - the theater was set up for it. Which was odd, as I never realized that was possible.

@JenskiJen - A live stage production of Dr Horrible? A'La Rocky Horror Picture Show or standard stage production? I'm fascinated!
@RedJessi - From what I've been told in previous years, the trouble is indeed getting the prints.

But at least this gives me an excuse and a reason to go to GaelCon this year :)
@RedJessi, the problem is often around the expenses associated with getting together the money to pay for the license to screen Serenity (which applies for both 35mm and DVD screenings).

"Can't Stop the Serenity" events are organised by individuals who put up their own money in the hope that there will be enough fans attending to cover the costs (venue, license, advertising) and make a profit to donate to Equality Now. As this is Dublin's first year having a "Can't Stop the Serenity" event, it is probable that they are gauging interest before committing all of that money. Hopefully, the Affiliate events will be really well supported, and plenty of folks will volunteer their time, energy and anything else needed to help put on CSTS Serenity screening events in future years.

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