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August 17 2009

"(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar" Video Number One Video on iTunes!!! Co-written by The Guild's Felicia Day and Jed Whedon (Thanks for the link, Salocin!) and Maurissa Tancharoen's in the video. MP3 also available on Amazon. Oh and Joss thinks the video should be number one.

The Guild also put the video on YouTube. Thank you for the link, Sunfire!

Maurissa Tancharoen confirms that she is singing as well as dancing as well as . . . #1!!! Then tells you where to find answers to other burning questions.

And, by the bye, once a song is #1, it is always a #1 song, so I don't have to change the headline. Ever.

The video's also available on iTunes now, and since Maurissa is in it, I guess it's safe to assume she's doing backup.
The music video is on youtube too.

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You tube is great and all, but for the $1.49 they are asking, I think it's fair to pay for it. And, they let you get it in Canada, too! Woohoo!
Looks like the "MP3" link actually goes to the video. Since I'm limited to using my iPhone to access iTunes at work I can't get the video (it's too large for 3G).
I can't seem to find just the song there. Anyone else having trouble with that?
I just fell in love with Felicia.


Cute vid and catchy tune :)
Just bought the video, and at $1.49 it's a bargain. Now, I will enbed thie video like crazy, with this message.."Dear Katy Perry and Lady Gaga...Fear Them!"
Methinks I should catch up with The Guild. This is brilliant.
This is so good because my recent viewing of Caprica and Dollhouse has gotten me thinking about the blurring line between reality and virtual (or alternate) reality. This continues that theme (and the creepiness of it).
I would love to see a Chuck vs The Guild episode. It would work well on so many different levels.
I don't know how a "Chuck vs. the Guild" episode would work, unless the Guild is an evil LARP group. If so, you've really got something there.
I think I have a new favorite idea in a "Chuck vs. The Guild" episode and I'll be so let down if it never happens now.

And I thought that was Maurissa in the vid. Awesome.
Ah shazbat...the video got pulled from YouTube for copyright claims by a group called "The Knights of Good Productions Inc." Is that the production company that did the music video or something?
"The Knights of Good Productions, Inc." is Felicia Day's company. So yes, she is entitled to tell YouTube to yank the video. Felicia and her crew deserve to be paid for their efforts.

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The YouTube video linked to upthread was posted by someone other than Felicia. Here's the official one she uploaded to the Guild account this morning.
The video is up legally at youtube now, Felicia is pimping it on twitter now. I did buy it at iTunes, because it is awesome, but I'm also sharing it at lj, facebook, and myspace because I think everyone needs to enjoy this!
Chuck vs The Guild is a frigging awesome idea. Also, I love this video & song. Shame none of my internet incarnations have an avatar that looks anything like an actual person...
Awesome! Glad it's on You Tube so I can watch it at work. Will buy on iTunes for home viewing.
As much as Chuck vs The Guild is a good idea, I can so easily see Felicia fit nicely into The Office.
Never argued that Felica and her production company didn't have the right to get the vid yanked, quantumac...mainly because I wasn't aware Felica HAD a production company and what that company was called ;)

I know stand educated and much less's good feeling :D
Oh, my crush on Felicia Day knows no bounds. And now I'm glad to know where the adorable dress in the picture with Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, and Wil Wheaton came from.

And be it The Office or Chuck (which is, in my mind, a match made in nerd heaven), my television needs more Felicia Day. Those Sears ads alone aren't enough. =)
"Knights of Good" is the name of the guild in the show, and the logo runs at the end of every episode. You can even get t-shirts. ;)

Since we're throwing Felicia into tv shows, I vote for How I Met Your Mother.
Interesting that the youtube video has been viewed 308 times, but commented on 696 times. How does one comment on a video they haven't viewed? Has everyone commented an average of 2.25 times? :)

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I'd already seen this elsewhere on the web, but I just bought it - 'cause if buying their stuff helps sustain 'em, I'm there. This is so beautifully done - and I love the Solid Gold Guild Dancers.

More Guild More Often is More Better.

Hee - "Here in cyberspace there's no disease."
pure genius. it's even funnier if you play/have played a MMORPG. even though this is about WoW, and my drug of choice is final fantasy XI, the jokes are amazing.

that's above and beyond the fact that it's a great pop song.
Heh, funny stuff, Vork getting his groove on tickled me especially. Works as a mild satire and a pretty decent pop song at the same time. And then there's the humina humina ;).

Anyhoo, Felicia Day should be President of the Universe (and the rest of The Guild her cabinet) - if it doesn't happen then reality is clearly broken.
Any way for a guy in Europe to get the MP3?

[ edited by Walkdogger on 2009-08-17 19:49 ]
@Walkdogger: Amazon UK?
Absolutely brilliant and Felicia was incredible in it. Super smexy. I loved seeing Maurissa in the background, too. She's making some of the funniest faces during the rap in the middle.
@Krusher: says there's geographical restrictions. I guess it's only for the UK and not Belgium.
Love how Felicia lately seems to be one of the most active Whedon alums. Should we rename the site Feliciaesque? ;)

(totally kidding, but it's just amusing how busy she is!)
Felicia Day should be Ted Mosbey's wife.


That's my canon now.
I can't seem to find just the song there. Anyone else having trouble with that?

Felicia tweeted to say there's a delay for MP3s uploaded to iTunes today. Should be up tomorrow.

Meanwhile the video's reached #1 on iTunes.
So Maurissa has gone from being a Captain Hammer groupie, to a Dr Horrible groupie to a ... Blaydezz groupie?
Awesome video. Nice to see that costume again, wasn't Felicia wearing that at Comic-Con?

Glad it's up legally on YouTube too. When the other vid was removed (and I didn't realise there was an official video up) it made me resent having to pay for it just to see what it was like. For better or worse, I seem to have inherited this generation's attitude that you shouldn't have to pay for something just to be able to see it, but rather that you pay for it because it's good and you want to support artists that you like. In any case, I saw it, it was awesome, and so I bought it thereby making this paragraph entirely moot.

BrownCoat_Tabz, as much as I love Ted, I don't really think they're that compatible. :P
Jed is the new Weird Al. And Felicia -- this reinforces her "Queen of the Internet" title.

Tabz -- yes. I thought Sarah Chalke was a good match, but Felicia may trump her. Or maybe she could follow in Summer's footsteps as a guest star on Big Bang Theory.
Awesome video. Nice to see that costume again, wasn't Felicia wearing that at Comic-Con?

Yep, I think that's why she was wearing it (AFAIK they presented the video at their Comic-Con panel). much geek cred as she has, do we really know her opinion on Ted's big dealbreakers: Star Wars and Ghostbusters? Also, Barney might kill her (again) just to sabotage the relationship. So maybe not. Does Lily have a sister?
Welllllll it can just be Felicia Day playing a different role :D

But I'm fairly sure either way would be awesome.
Okay, usually I stay above such matters. But this video must be number one!!! Who is this Taylor Swift? Some evil robot, PROBABLY. (Although an evil robot vid would also potentially be cool.) (But fine! She can be number two!) The point is, I love this video to distraction (and inevitable procrastination). It has Felicia -- and money! Felicia LYING IN money! Combo-ed! Plus Vork, turkey legs, and the Solid Guild dancers! I care!

And I'm hobbled here, peeps. I don't twitter (I occasionally Glitter and Be Gay, but that's it), can't digg, or favorite, or friend... In fact I don't understand why my typewriter has a TV on it. I'M NOT SAVVY. But I really want this to be big. It's indie (which is the most important part), it's awesome, and it's made by people that I friended in the old-fashioned way of being friends with them. (Okay, technically, I brothered Jed before I friended him, but he's still super-talented.) So help me out. Let's go the extra mile here and DESTROY THE SWIFTBOT! Then I can get back to the business of making Dollhouse stranger.

Digg deep, people.

Smoochez! -joss.
Hurray, Maurissa gets another role in the background ... hang on...
Swiftbot! hehe.

This song is full of awesome and is also my new ringtone! The Guild FTW!
And Joss, you really need to get playing World of Warcraft. Let me know which server. We'll group *g*
Ah bless, Joss left a comment and was even almost-hip with the "Combo-ed" (in Guild-speak that would properly be "Combo'd"). I'm sure it's going to be #1 - it must be now that Joss has spoken!
I'm sad, for I am too broke to help except
by word of mouth. It's all my fault if it doesn't make #1. ;)
If it does get to #1, wouldn't that put Felicia at the top of both the tv and music charts?
Jeez, you used to be a fan B!x and now you clearly hate love and America and may well be a socialist. It makes Bambi cry.

... the cartoon deer, not the stripper, you get that right ?

I'm sure it's going to be #1 - it must be now that Joss has spoken!

Thing about a "call to action" is, the calling is only half of it ;).

Purple Marauders, attack ! Second wave [of iTunes purchasers] diiiiivvvvvve ! There then follows a chorus of "Joss, aah aahhhhhh". Thus it was written.
Solid Guild dancers. D'oh! My brain always stops short of Joss'.

; >
Smoochez! -joss.

Good to see you.
But I have Mr Whedon, I have! But it's lead to me going Itunes crazy and I've downloaded everything and anything that linked from one to another.

So I now have Date My Avatar, Dollhouse theme tune, Bones theme tune, Veronica Mars theme tune....I managed to get away before The Muppets made their way in there!

You're right not to know how to use these things, it leads to poorness!
Saje broke me with the FG routine.
Vork dancing reminds me of Elaine Benes on "Seinfeld", lol!
Love love love this video! Bought it on itunes and tweeted and posted a link on facebook. Just doin' my part :) Yay!
hahaha well I was already going to buy it because: hello! show support... but now I'm psyched to make #1, let's do it people
Way to be meta -- Felicia just tweeted about Joss' post, and then drhorrible tweeted about Felicia's tweet.
Whedonesque fail page long time no see. Been awhile, huh? How was your summer?

Just saying that before weird analysts chip in, The Guild, the greatest example of how to market things in Social Media. And Felicia is Queen of Internet.

I also want to see Felicia in HIMYM, actually all the main cast deserves to be better known by other people. Anyway here's a great ad with Vork in it, we've using it at work for some inspirational push, you know think ahead.

And congrats to everyone involved for the amazing success.
Got it off LIVE last week and am glad it's finally online.

It really is fantastic. Vork and Zaboo's dancing is especially hilarious.

[ edited by Rhodey on 2009-08-17 23:36 ]
Holy flaming Moses, that's a catchy song!
Good job Jed and Felicia (especially Felicia)!
Yes, must get #datemyavatar ring tone- that is the best idea ever!

Can someone send Joss a typewriter? I'll take his laptop :)

The Guild FTW!
This #2 stuff is a thing of the past.

When I just looked it up in iTunes, it IS the #1 music
video. Or maybe my computer is just telling me what I
want to hear.
Did you see Taylor Swift's video? Clearly a bid for nerd prom queen!
I can't buy the song, but I'm going to have to pull my wallet for the hosting overcharges. Thanks Joss, :P
Heading over to iTunes to keep it #1 in Canada...
Finally you all can see why I've been blathering to anyone who would listen about how awesome this vid is (after seeing it just that once at SDCC.)
Someone gifted it to me, so I've contributed by proxy or something.
It's currently #1 in the Entertainment category on YouTube. They have a placement on the page that reads: "Do you want to date Felicia Day's avatar? If so, form an orderly queue." hehe

Lets get it on the main YouTube home page now.
Hahaha! I would totally get the date my avatar ringtone! please Felicia make it... or can someone else do it (I'm tech un-capable) so I can have it... please replace my cod n' cold by Katy Perry
That youtube vid is still on 308 views. I'm pretty sure the counter's broken.

Anyway: this is a pretty catchy song. It's also very cheesy, in the fun-est way. I'm pretty sure it could be a total hit. And, hey, #1 on iTunes is probably a good step on the road to that.
Silly country is too small for iTunes (and the iPhone) and I can't shop stuff online anyways, but I would buy it if I could.

I'll just try and get other people to get it. lol.
Love this song!! Can't wait to play it for some friends tonight and help the sales. Well done by everyone involved, especially Felecia and Jed!

Here's hoping DH season 2 big bad is the Swiftbot!
Hopefully Felicia will show the video at BlizzCon. Actually, I think we will see it there and I'm sure The Guild pannel will be excellent as always!
It's currently #2 on Amazon. Can we get it to #1 there too?
This song deserves to be a break away pop hit! Can we request it on the radio?
And I'm pleased to see the purple post, it has been about 3 months since we had one and I was beginning to think that Joss didn't love Whedonesque any more.
That may be the funniest and most clever thing I have seen in a super long time. Huzzah's all around!
As I said in my blog, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry should fear the Guild....because this song's better than whatever they've made.
The first music video I ever purchased from i-Tunes (other than Dr. Horrible).
I've done my part to keep it #1 in Canada on iTunes - thanks for allowing us to purchase it. I've also watched it several times on YouTube since I got home from work. It's now stuck in my head!

Congratulations to Felicia, Jed, the rest of the Guild cast and the backup singers/dancers - looking at you, Maurissa. Well done, all of you!
That is really excellent! Great job all around.
Catchy tune. Check.
Cool costumes. Check.
Dynamic production. Check.
Schooling the pros. PRICELESS!

Excellent job everyone!
Are the lyrics posted anywhere ? As with many tunes, I didn't catch all of the words.

This is gonna get so many people to watch The Guild. It worked on me (been putting off watching it 'cause I thought the eps would be longer). Just watched Season 1, eps 1 to 3 and #3 was the hook. Zaboo with his "sexterity" plus the sort of blooper at the end. "This is my magic carpet" while he's rubbing his furry chest and then him and Felicia can't keep it straight, heh.
Lyrics are on the latest blog post on
Thanks b!X. Just watched the music video again and got more laughs out of it. Should go to bed, save the rest of Season 1 'til tomorrow.
Nevermind bed. Just checked out another web series made by Sandeep Parikh (guy who plays Zaboo in The Guild). Felicia Day was hilarious as the fairy in the third episode of The Legend of Neil (unlike The Guild, which is funny even if you don't play MMOs, I think this series' humor is a little more dependant on being a fan or at least having played any of the games that inspired it, the Legend of Zelda games, any of 'em. Dude who plays the Old Man/sage is funny too).
Yeah, 'Legend of Neil' is maybe slightly more gamer centric and is definitely slightly less "nice" than The Guild (first hint ? In the credits, where Neil ends up in the fantasy world after auto-erotically asphyxiating himself with his console controller ;) BUT it is as funny IMO, they complement each other quite well I reckon (and Felicia's guest spot was indeed, of the funny).

Saje broke me with the FG routine.

My plagiarismhomage-fu is strong ;).
Somehow Felicia Day makes me smile uncontrolably. That cant be good now, can it?
If you thought Legend of Neil's season 1 episode 3 with Felicia was good, wait until you see ep 3 from season 2. I think it should be released very soon.
A Krod Mandoon/The Guild crossover would be fun if only for seeing Felicia and Matt Lucas on screen together.
I missed the last two episodes of Krod Mandoon (there were only 6 total, half hour each). City-TV here in Canada was airing an hour a week, so it only took three weeks to finish, but although I had my PVR set to the right time that final Wednesday, they switched it to an hour earlier. Grrr! It was fun. Matt Lucas' hilariously oblivious and casually evil villain made me wanna give the USA version of the sketch comedy Little Britain another shot (I hear the original UK version is better, but the US version is all that's currently repeating on the channels I have).
See, that has always confused me. Why is there an American version of Little Britain. Shouldn't that, be, like, Little America, or something similar? I also wonder if it's been completely rewritten, 'cause Little Britain really works best as a silly sketch comedy commentary on the UK and probably doesn't translate that well.

Anyway: song still stuck in my head, here. Too bad things like this have a hard time becomming actual widespread hits, because they will never be pushed on radio stations or something like MTV. But I'll settle for internet indy hit :).
It's not a bad way they've Americanized the show, 'cause it sort of hasn't been Americanized. Many of the sketches in the US version involve British characters interacting/clashing with US ones, not to mention the narrator compares/contrasts and sometimes mocks one or both cultures. So it's kinda Little Britain Comes To Crash The Party Overseas.

I could see the vid maybe getting shown on MTV. It's funny and there're girls in skimpy outfits dancing in unison, they might play it.

Radio though, unless it's a college radio station or something extremely alternative...most radio stations are so lame they wouldn't know what to make of it.

[ edited by Kris on 2009-08-18 11:41 ]
Ah, that sounds better than what I had imagined it being, Kris. After the absolutely dreadfull American version of the briliant Coupling (quite possibly my favorite Brit comedy show since, erm... Blackadder, I'd say :)), I've given up on American remakes (the only exception to that rule I'm going to make one of these days is with the American version of The Office).

Anyway, as for the video: I can see it play on MTV quite easily. Point is though, why would they? It's not on a major label or by an established artist. It has no company pushing the video. So it won't air. Some goes for most radio stations. There's possibly a few indy stations which might decide to play it, but then again, the song sounds like a regular pop song and not like an indy effort, which might complicate things. In other words: this probably won't go much beyond this (which, hey, already quite great :)), although stranger things have happened :).
It might play on MTV, if The Guild current major sponsor, which would be the people with Microsoft X-Box360, helps to push it. Otherwise, I don't see it happening.
Who's watching MTV nowadays anyway. They lost the M a long time ago.

Woke up with the song though, I have it on my phone as my alarmclock sound :D
As if geeks werent already into Felcia Day. Now she has to go and be extra sexy, while maintaining all her nerdiness. Could she be any more perfect? Honestly.

[ edited by thrillingheroics on 2009-08-18 13:44 ]
Tuesday morning: still #1 in iTunes music videos. Can they hit the top ten in songs? Go, people!
I've given up on American remakes (the only exception to that rule I'm going to make one of these days is with the American version of The Office).

Little Britain US isn't a remake per se GVH, as Kris says it's more Little Britain in the US. It's still Matt Lucas and David Walliams for instance, it's still (AFAIK) Tom Baker doing the narration, there're just more American characters in it.
For the love of Glory, will someone please sign this woman up to a major series and pay her huge amounts of money?

Local somewhat laid back news program Live @ 7 just had a segment on the video during their Web Watch portion. I'm uploading to YouTube.
Is it bad that I spent all day not working but individually showing this to everyone who came to my cubicle?
I just submitted to 20on20 of SiriusXm Radio to play this on my way to work...
Oh geez, I'm an addict again
OMG, I cannot get this thing out of my head and I have not watched it that many times.

Yeah, me too. And I showed it one time to my partner and he is Earworm'd as well.

It's definitely Break-away Pop Hit material. ; >
Just bought the mp3 on - wanted to chip in (and I can't be bothered with iTunes). Interesting to see it getting some coverage on TV, hopefully more stations will pick up the story.
Great to see the TV coverage.

My husband, daughter and I often share content, but we each bought our own copy of this. That's a first.
Since Sandeep linked to this on twitter, I'm assuming it's ok now - "Date My Avatar" screening at Comic Con. The audience reactions are great.
Yeah I'm glad someone thought to (1) record the audience reaction and (2) not post it until after the video's release on YouTube. Especially since I missed The Guild panel altogether.
jcs: - "My husband, daughter and I often share content, but we each bought our own copy of this. That's a first."

Yeah, A (Mr. QuoterGal ; >) & I usually share content, but we each automatically bought our own copy of this, too.

I think back to when Felicity was knocking herself out printing her own shipping labels for mailings and am so happy she & Jed & etc. could find a way to generate a little income from this indie project - all the while supremely entertaining the masses. (Me.) It's how it should be but so rarely is.
It's great that it made the news, just too bad they got the url wrong unless anyone wants to buy a used BMW.

The reaction vid is awesome. Almost feels like being there.
The AAC version is now up on iTunes Canada.

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