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August 17 2009

(SPOILER) What's next for Dollhouse? Digital Spy gathers what we know so far about season 2.

I can't *wait* for that promised trip to the you-know-where. I assume it'll be a very, very creepy place.
Yes I curse and praise the writers for revealing it this season and not in the last one. I picture it as something akin to Hannibal Lecter's prison in Silence of the Lambs.
Eek. Could indeed be Lecteresque. How terrifying.
Certainly makes you wonder who runs it. The anti-Topher or something like that.
Adelle sends people there. Topher makes it happen. Kinda think it's all the same thing, like the imprinting chair. Just without the whole beautiful spa treatment to make it seem nice.
I kinda imagine it looking like that one episode of Buffy - or was it Angel - where the demon was given a tiny window to look out for eternity. My memory isn't working well today. I kinda think they're all gonna have their own "Doll boxes" like stand-up coffins they're strapped to with no real awareness of anything.

Just the thought of the Attic is extremely creepy.
didifallasleep: that was in Angel. And very creepy.

I can't believe I didn't imagine until Simon suggested it that there might be someone up there actually overseeing the place. Might not be -- might be musty, dusty, and creepily "empty" -- but I can definitely now envisage a combo keeper/jailer/librarian of dumped, damaged "shells" hanging out up there. (If it even is "up." Could be further down, kinda like a basement.) Do the original imprints (i.e., the original souls/personalities) go into the Attic as well? I can't remember. Huh. Simon suggests an anti-Topher. So maybe a very sweet, totally unsnarky person who works up there? That makes me shudder even more.
I kind of hope that the Epitaph One future isn't the inevitable future...hopefully Joss and co. will play with this idea.
Nobody spotted the glaring error? "November returned to her normal life as Mellie."

Ok, granted, an easy mistake to make, but still. Mellie was an imprinted personality crafted to spy on Paul / distract him from the case.

Speaking of, I hope in season 2 we find out who was sending messages to Paul from within the Dollhouse. Ivy is the obvious choice, but I think it would be really cool if it was actually Adelle. From what we've seen in Epitaph One, she doesn't always agree with what Rossum is doing. Maybe she thinks that the Dollhouse can be doing good things, but fears what it's purpose is and needs Paul as an ally.

All just speculation of course. ;-) Can't wait to see the attic!
My thoughts of the attic tend more along the lines of Wolfram & Hart's body part chop shop. Horrific and yet, utterly mundane (which makes it even more creepy).

I'm not sure how I feel about Epitaph One, zombie stories not being my anything like my favorite genre, but I'm assuming the show's focus will somehow move back and forth in the show's time line, tantalizing us even as it tells us a few details, so the people who haven't seen the dvd will manage to stay for the ride.

I wasn't all that wild about vampire stories until BtSV came along, so my mind is definitely open to the story telling/character development possibilities, regardless.
I'm hoping more backstory on Caroline will allow more sympathy for the character and also allow Eliza to shine more this upcoming season.
You know I'm not overly keen on EVER seeing The Attic. Much like the Senior Partners, one could argue it will continue to work much more effectively if the terror is created in the mind.
It's strange, even though its called The Attic. I keep thinking its gonna be below the Dollhouse. On anoter note, It'd be awesome if its an actual attic. You know, the creepy type, as seen in horror movies.

People boxed up with "Fragile" labeled on. ;p
If below, they shoulda called it the Cellar. ;-) (Or the dungeon?)

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