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August 18 2009

Dollhouse comes to Italy. As confirmed by Fox Italy official website, Season 1 will air from the 3rd of September. The website provides a very brief introduction to the show (in Italian- check Google Translate )

someone please fix those links…
Done, sorry..early morning stupidity..
Just the day before I'll go away on holidays.. sigh.
Here's also a link to what looks to me like the best italian fan site by now..I guess more sites and more entries will start popping up by the time the show actually starts, but it's nice that we already have one.. I won't add this one to the post, because the entry about Dollhouse arriving in Italy was submitted by..well, me.. (but I'm not affiliated to the site yet.I just told them to post this news cause they had somehow missed it) I'm all excited about the show finally arriving to my nation..does it show ;-)??

Rua1412, nooooooo! TiVo it! Spread the word! Watch it from holiday! ;-))))

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