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August 18 2009

Digital City Talks with Maurissa and Jed Whedon about (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar? The delightfully talented duo talks about the music video, some about Dr. Horrible and indie content.

Yes, Maurissa is a goddess even if she can't catch a ball.

Both Maurissa and Jed were totally crushing on each other in that interview -- not only are they both incredibly talented people, but they also make an awesome couple. Brought a smile to my face anyway.
Oh how cute are Jed & Maurissa geeking out over each other? Of course they are still newly weds, but it's fun to see them appreciating each other's many talents.
As far as not catching a ball goes: sounds like she was born to be Joss' sister. Just saying.

I wish we had been told how long this took to make, because it is so incredibly awesome and professional looking, it is hard to believe it didn't have a big budget.
Yes, Maurissa is a goddess even if she can't catch a ball.

That will come in handy if we the world ever delivers a Mutant Enemy vs. fandom charity softball game. (Handy for fandom, anyway.)
I wanna hear the track of Jed singing.

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