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August 18 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse On the Set Pics. They don't appear to be from Vows. Guessing they're from ep. 2x03. "These lines they make no sense."
Guessing they're from ep. 2x03.

Why 3?
Why 3?

*Shrugs* the pics are dated this week, so I just guessed. No real reason.
Looks like this is the ep Eliza was referring to on her Twitter last Friday, August 14:

@ElizaPatricia: 95+degrees out in Santa Clarita carrying little kids around in tall heels/black sweater.. Whooo baby
3:46 PM Aug 14th from txt

Don't know if this corresponds with the aforementioned episode 3 or not, but we'll find out soon enough!

Is it Sept. 25th yet?
Yes, they are from ep 3 - "Instinct"
Yes, they are from ep 3 - "Instinct"

Ah, nice to put a name to an... erm, episode. :)

I'm guessing that's the first one written by Fazekas & Butters?

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