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August 18 2009

Felicia Day & Jeff Lewis video interview. Felicia and Jeff (Vork) talk about The Guild and Dr. Horrible.

I'd like to watch this, but the next ice age will have come and gone before that video finishes loading for me.
I want the commentary sung! Tee hee!

Felicia rocks my world and I need some more!
That was fun. It must have been fairly early in the Con, Felicia still had a voice.
I'd like to hear some Q & A sometime about the way the Guild is made. There is the writing and the filming in a fairly short timeframe then for the rest of the year, everyone is free to pursue other things. There is the publicity of course but that is all. It is a different model again.
I'm glad to hear that Sunfire was having trouble w/this video loading too, I was starting to think there was something wrong w/my computer (most things run pretty well, but this is a mess).
I should really watch The Guild, 'cause then I wouldn't have to admit I thought when I read Jeff Lewis ... "The Flipping Out" guy?! Did you all see the Jed-directed video for Felicia? Awesome and fun. I haven't even checked the rest of the front page yet, came here right from Twitter.
embers, my computer gets moody about Flash sometimes. I'm not messing with it just to see this, since other Flash applications seem ok at the moment, but you might try updating your Flash.

I am bookmarking it for later though. Vork is my hero.
Interesting interview. I learned a lot about donuts,
This interview, if I'm not mistaken, was on Thursday morning. Before the Con was even open. So that's why she still has a voice.

I really enjoyed it. Went to some weird places, hehe, but that made it different from other interviews. =)

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