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August 18 2009

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz faces his fears .... or does he? "I just wonít show up. I hate birds. They freak me out. Itís more roosters that Iím fearful of, but Iím not crazy about chickens, either." Spoiler tag is for Bones.

You mean Joss wasn't joking around on the Firefly: Serenity episode commentary about David and chickens?
He's actually scared of chickens? I always kinda thought that was just Joss joking around in the commentary for Firefly.
Nope ... David has a bird phobia and he's not afraid to talk about it ... however ... Hart twittered that he never intended to put David on a set with chickens. So it's not that David has refused to go ... he's not expected to go. I'm curious though ... what did Joss say on the Firefly commentary??? (don't have the dvds ... sorry)

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I don't recall specifics- it's been a while since I watched them- but in the commentary for the pilot, he says something about how he was going to have David Boreanaz on the show until David found out there'd be chickens in the scene at the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone, and David refused.
I'm with DB on this one. I raised chickens as a kid. Hateful dumb beasties.
Seconded! We had chickens for a few years and I couldn't stand the things. I wasn't scared of them but I sure thought they were the most dumb, irritating animals ever. Go DB! :D
Years ago David was doing an interview on a Channel 4 show (I think) and part way through someone came out dressed as a chicken.

The way he jumped off the sofa I would say yep, he's scared of them!

Our next door neighbours have chickens. Drive us mad.
Oh, poor David!! I had forgotten about his chicken phobia- I'll admit to having laughed a little about it, but it's quite a serious thing, so I really hope he won't have to meet any bird..!
Every time I read about David's fear of bird I get a hilarious vision of him running like a maniac from them. But I do feel sorry for him - I'd hate to be stuck in a room full of spiders. I'm not scared of birds, but what I do hate are those low-flying pigeons that you get in town and city centres - they're irritating!

They might show Booth as having a phobia of birds. Or maybe David will try and face his fear.
lol on the person dressed up as a chicken. I saw that and David jumped off the couch and chased the guy around the set. When he caught him he pretended to strangle him. All this time James Marsters was on the couch laughing.
Once for a publicity stunt David had to hold a chicken so a fan could win the entire Angel series on DVD. He did it, but wasn't really happy about it ;).
I first ehard abotu this in Topping's slayer. Keith's comment was "What a girl."

David's father is a TV journalist. When DB was at an impressionable age, Dad* did a report on cock fighting which left the boy with mental scars.

(Dave Roberts; last I heard he was doing weekday morning/noon weather and weekend anchor at the Phila. ABC affiliate.)
When I was a kid, we have some chickens and I never thought they're dumb :(
His dad was Dave Thomas when he was working in Buffalo. I grew up watching him on Rocketship Seven. When worlds collide.

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