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August 18 2009

Gina Torres Joins Gossip Girl. TV Guide reports that Gina will appear on this fall as Vanessa's mom.

You know, I saw the original role description for this part and immediately thought of her, but dismissed the idea out of hand - I guess I should trust my gut more. :)
Haha, I just read the casting call for this part online a few weeks ago and Gina didn't even occur to me...I'm really excited to see her on it though!
For me, Vanessa is the best and most sympathetic character on Gossip Girl, and I'm going to really enjoy seeing Gina play her mother. I'm sure she'll lend a lot of depth to the role.
When I heard they were bringing in Vanessa's mom I was like "who cares?"...turns out I do now.

I may go watch 'Water and Power' to celebrate :D
Good for Gina. Wish she was going to be on a show I watch instead, but you can't win them all.
How is Vanessa the most sympathetic character? I would of thought she would have been the easiest to hate.

I'm just a casual watcher though so maybe I'm missing something.
Yay, Gina AND more Michelle, I now can't wait for the next season of Gossip Girl!
I think of Gina Torres as mostly playing in action-type shows. It is strange to me to consider her playing in a teenage drama.
Nevertheless, good for her. Employment is a beautiful thing.
Wow. Vanessa is one of my least favourite characters on GG, but this just made her about ten times more interesting. I just hope Gina Torres gets a decent role to get her teeth into and not the trophy wife/teen affair type character that too many adults on the show get turned into.

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