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August 18 2009

Olivia Williams talks about her work in Dollhouse. interviews Olivia Williams about her work in Dollhouse.

Her experience working with Joss Whedon and what's in store for season 2. There are some vague spoilers as well as mentions of season 1.

I love Olivia Williams. I think I'm most excited, out of all of the characters, to see where she's taking Adelle in season 2.

Is it Sept. 25th yet?
Agreed! Adelle is my favourite character in the show (especially after Epitaph One) and I'm very excited to see what they do with her. I always look forward to her scenes because they're just perfect every single time. I think Olivia has been one of the finest new additions to the Whedonverse.
Adelle is indeed wonderful to watch. And quote.
This reminds me of a haiku I heard long, long ago:

O Olivia
Lone age-appropriate Whedoncrush
Alan Rickman with boobs
Did anyone else just go to a scary visual place?
erendis, yup. So much for sleeping soundly, thank ya Pointy. Must scrub the brain with more of The Guild tonight.
Oh. Migosh. That makes me so much happier/creeped out than earthly tangibles ever have. And that long-standing Rickman crush of mine certainly sheds new light on my fondness for Adelle.

Anyway, great interview. And I love that Olivia Williams mentions that scene with Dominic- I like that one almost more than the whole Topher scene, but no one ever brings it up.
My mind is still a little bit blown by her saying "shagging" in the interview..
Olivia is quickly becoming one of my very favorite actresses, and she made me like Adelle, which I'm not sure would have happened with a less talented actress. Great addition to the Whedonverse indeed!
Jo, have you seen the interview she did with Craig Ferguson the week Dollhouse premiered? Saying "shagging" is kind of the least of it, haha. That interview kind of sealed it for me, Williams-wise. :)
Oh, yeah! Yes, I saw that interview (I hunt YouTube looking for CF interviews with Whedonverse actors), and it completely blew my mind, too! She is so very different from Adelle that every time I get a glimpse of real Olivia I get stunned.. and "awesomed" :-D!
My favorite scene of hers is in 'Epitaph'; someone is breaking in through a wall and she takes a rifle and takes the point position on the defense.
In previous episodes she had been portrayed as a icy-hearted 'empty suit' and mouthpiece for Dollhouse activities. But in that desperate situation she took the lead and was shown doing so without anthemic background music or 'heroic slow motion' camera tricks.
It's a great scene but I never doubted for a second that Adelle had iron in her bones, in fact I think taking responsibility for her actions is almost an article of faith for her (but yeah, the way she "just did it" without fanfare, as if it never occurred to her to do anything else, was well depicted).

Loved the line she mentions in the interview, "What did I miss ?" ... "Just the vodka, thank god". Classic line, perfectly delivered.

(also classic BTW, Pointy's haiku ;). Luckily, no matter how skilfully disturbing the imagery employed, it's impossible to spoil Olivia Williams for me - she drinks Adnams FFS - though I have to admit, Alan Rickman's taken a bit of a knock)

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