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August 19 2009

Julie Benz's Third Season of "Dexter" is now available! Darla's all grown up and is still dating a serial killer. Julie actually has some well deserved screen time this season so it's a must-have!

a great show with a great cast

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I hope the Dutch version follows soon.. I have have an empty space in my dvd rack and it needs to be filled.

Great show indeed!
I don't have cable TV at home so I haven't seen this season yet and bought my copy today on BluRay. Guess you all know what I'll be watching tonight :)
Just had to comment on this. "Darla's all grown up and is still dating a serial killer." Isn't dating a serial killer a step down from actually being one; one of the longest living, viscious vampires in the Buffyverse?

Anyway, got it yesterday. Dexter is my favourite show currently only TV (followed by Dollhouse, of course). I friggin' loved the third season and I cannot wait for the fourth. :)
The first episode of season four got leaked, it's yummy and confusing :X

Oh what, cry me a river, y'all never download? :P

So when is Dexter s3, Dollhouse s1, Dr. Horrible, The Guild, AND How I met your mother!! for sale in the Netherlands??

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