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August 19 2009

(SPOILER) Stephen Mooney interview (Angel comics artist). The interview is about: his Pre-Angel work, his experience on "After the Fall", Boys and Their Toys, Last Angel in Hell and One Bad Mother.

Big thanks to Mooney for doing this interview with me. Hope you guys enjoy!
I would love to see that Lynch/Mooney Wesley one-shot or miniseries.
We're getting an Angel Season 6?! =O
What, DawnLover?
DawnLover90,We already got the Angel Season 6 story.It was Angel:After The Fall.

That art was concept art that Mooney created of the alley battle to try to get work on After The Fall.The Angel Season Six on the last page of the concept art was probably due to him not knowing the offical title,"After The Fall" yet or the title wasn't set in stone when he pitched the concept art.

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Congrats on all these interviews Pat - great job!

I have an original bit of Angel art by Mr Mooney proudly hanging on my wall - thanks from a fellow Irishman:)
Ah, I completed misunderstood, I thought those pages were from an upcoming series and that was their way of telling us we were getting a proper season 6.

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