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August 19 2009

Happy Birthday James Marsters. He turns 47 today.

Happy birthday, James!
Yay 47! Happy Birthday to the coolest bleach-blonde vamp living!

Except with yesterday's casting news, I'm the one getting the special gift.
Happy Birthday James!! I am really lucky to share a birthday with such an awesome guy!!!!!
Happy Birthday, James Marsters! You bring so much of yourself to it, and that's some fine stuff.
Wishing you a happy birthday, Mister James Marsters!
Happy Birthday, James! You're catching up to me in age! :-)

And Happy Birthday to Hostile 17!

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Mr M.
Happy Birthday and tanti tanti auguri di buon compleanno, Mr Marsters :-) :-) :-)!

Hope a year with plenty of good roles and the acknowledgments you deserve.
Happy Birthday Jimmy boy! You're wearing it well. *g*
Happy Birthday James!
Here's hoping you soon get a show of your own (and guest star in Bones!)

Happy birthday, James! *snuggles pretty man* Keep on awing us with all your talent!
Happy 47th, James Marsters!! \o/
Happy Birthday James, have a great day *hugs* :o)
Many Happy Returns to the quintessential Leo (says the astrologer). ;)

On to Caprica!
Happy Birthday James and many more to come. Was doing my Snoopy dance yesterday over the Caprica news, you will make a good series even better. I have to ditto shep, you need to guest on Bones.

Hostile 17, Happy Birthday to you also.
Happy Birthday Hostile 17 and I ditto that ditto, I want to see Caprica even more with you in it, and I would love to see a guest role on Bones!
Does not look 47... that is all I can say about that.

Happy B-Day and rock on, Blondie Bear!
Once again, I am made doubly happy on my own birthday :) Hope it's a great one, James!!
I can't believe I missed it yesterday, but my wishes are the same whether on time or not....The absolute best to you!!! You are only getting better with time. Love you!!!!!

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