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"Can I make a suggestion that doesn't involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd?"
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August 19 2009

Brian White on Cabin in The Woods - "It's incredibly funny, it's gory and it's smart". The actor also says "I hear they just did a screening, and it went down very well- he [Joss] apparently hit it out of the park".

Nice interview, although I almost didn't make it to the Joss part when I hit the "spoons up his nose" part. :O
I skimmed.

Glad to hear Joss hit it out of the park. Not so glad to hear the gory part. Blast! I hate gore. My son and I just went to "District 9" though we were both really unsure about it since the ads had looked like a horror movie. I think we both spent most of the movie with our hands over our eyes.

But I want to see the new movie! (pouts like a spoiled brat)
newcj, did you enjoy District 9 despite the gore ? (personally didn't find it that gorey, at least not compared to other stuff in the past--sure a lotta people and aliens got exploded, but it wasn't often in close-up)

Good to hear a test screening went well.
Gore? That would fly in the face of Joss' comment on torture porn.
I'm going to assume its the 'so gory its funny' variety, which I like a lot. Actually, there's nothing about this movie that I don't like so far. Can't wait to see it.
Gore? That would fly in the face of Joss' comment on torture porn.

Dana5140 | August 20, 12:33 CET

How so?

Simon | August 20, 12:34 CET

Step 1. Assume that because torture porn = gory then gory = torture porn.
Step 2. ...
Step 3. Profit !

Personally I see it as being a "proper" horror film of which Joss has said he's a big fan (rather than the horror-lite of BtVS) which may or may not mean gore so over the top as to be funny. Gore in the right places is fine in a horror picture, gore for gore's sake doesn't do much for me anymore (and i'd be amazed if we see that in Cabin, unless it's as a deliberate parody. And then I guess it's not gore for gore's sake, it's gore for parody's sake ;).

And screenings ? Doesn't feel that long ago they were shooting it. Let the anticipation truly begin. Or continue beginning.
For some reason, I get the feeling that this will be a movie that's in a similiar vein as Evil Dead 2 or Braindead. Both I suppose could be considered horror, but they also have a LOT of comedy and plenty of gore, but used in a comedic way. Of course, there's no way this movie will have more gore than Braindead. Anyway, that's just the impression I have so far, and I admittedly haven't followed all the details very closely. Someone will probably come in here and tell me why I'm way off. Even if it's not like those movies at all, I'm still looking forward to it.
I thought that initially LaneMeyer (and it could still be) but now i'm thinking it'll be more along the lines of 'Scream' but for cabin movies i.e. knowing and funny but also a genuine horror film, for all that it's playing with the tropes.

That said, if it's along 'Evil Dead 2'/'Braindead' lines then i'll also be fine with it, i'm just hoping for something a bit more ... original maybe ? I mean, both those films were made over 20 years ago (that sort of camp OTT horror movie has been done a lot) and the buzz on Cabin suggests it might be at least trying to do something new.
Joss said it's "a straight-up, balls-out, really terrifying horror movie". So, though there may well be humour, there's no reason to think it's the campy, silly sort of horror movie that some people seem to be hoping for. And I'm thrilled about that. I really want to see what Joss can do with actual horror story
The more I hear about it, the more cautious and worried I am about just how campy it may unfortunately be, Let Down.

It seems more and more likely that "Goners" would have or could have been Joss' first attempt at 100% (or at least more so than any previous work on "Buffy," "Angel" and certainly "Alien: Resurrection") serious horror.

Plus, let's remember Joss did not direct this -- the Goddard did (although needless to say I'm sure his voice and overall influence is still very front and center in the project).

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It's hard to know. Nothing has convinced me that it will be campy. There are those funny posters but they're as compatible with a serious horror movie as a campy one. And I know Goddard directed it - but is there any reason to think he's less likely to make a scary horror movie?

I'm sure I'll still enjoy this if it's a more of a horror comedy but I still do want to see Joss really try to scare me at least one time
Joss unleashed, Joss unfettered, the full Jossty, Joss gone wild, Joss does Dalla... OK, I got a bit carried away. But yeah, Joss and Drew's vision of horror turned up to 11 is what i'm after. Joss is a right dark bastard I reckon so spread the wealth, y'know ? If he really cares about his fans then the least he could do is mentally scar us for life ;).

Not really sure where the campy vibe comes from for some of us and the posters don't feel at all campy to me, they feel more like 'Scream', explicitly so in fact. Horror with humour != camp horror.

And if the "a straight-up, balls-out, really terrifying horror movie" comment is a direct quote from Joss (as it seems to be) then that surely lays the camp ghost to rest ? Camp is many things but "really terrifying" surely isn't one of them ?
Kris, I don't know if I would say I "enjoyed" District 9, but I did think it was an interesting movie and was glad I saw it. But I think the real answer to your question is, yes, I was able to get past the be able to see the actual movie. I am just soooooooo very squeamish, that it really is difficult and at times distressing. I know, wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. I admit it.
Uh. Torture porn isn't defined as "a movie with gore in it".
I agree with b!X. To me the term implies a film whose tone and content suggest that it expects viewers to get pseudo- (or actual- I suppose) sexual pleasure from watching characters be tortured. This is unpleasant for me with any character, but when it is a female tortured by male(s) it gets an extra level of ick from what that says about the cultural power dynamic. Does that make sense?

For example, I don't ever need to see the final torture scene in Braveheart again, but at least I didn't feel like the filmmakers wanted me to enjoy it! In contrast, I have avoided seeing things like Saw and... what was that notorious billboard one? Captive or something?... because just from the trailers and reviews I suspect that they are indeed "torture porn."

End of soapbox :)
Gore, no gore, camp, no camp....doesn't matter. It's a Joss project, and he hasn't failed me yet.
Uh. Torture porn isn't defined as "a movie with gore in it".

That depends how you define "torture porn".

... i'll get my coat.
I'm with Harm.

And, um, what exactly does "balls out" mean in this context?
Clearly he means "eyeballs", like out on stalks, like in the cartoons.

No other explanation even occurs to me.
I can't wait for this flick. I'm thrilled that it apparently had a knock-out-of-park screening. Yowza!

Like other posters, I fail to see logic of gory = torture porn. Huh?

A bit OT: what gives these days with visiting sites and having suddenly-playing, very loud video? It's happening more and more at all kinds of sites. EW has become riddled with it. I detest it. Detest. it.
It's not clear, of course, what kind of screening this was. It could have been some sort of internal studio thing.
Joss has stated he doesn't like "camp":

"I hate camp." - Joss, in Emily Nussbaumís Must-See Metaphysics, NYTimes, 09/22/02

and he's made his feelings pret-ty clear about "torture porn" so I think we can be pret-ty, pret-ty sure that Cabin in the Woods will be neither. (I'm not even sure why these are being brewted bruted bandied about, to be honest.)

It does sound gory, and I'm not the biggest fan that ever was of horror nor gore, but I will watch 'twixt loosely-closed fingers with Mr. QG to hold onto, 'cause it's Joss and it's Drew Goddard and it's smart and it's funny.

Saje: "Clearly he means "eyeballs", like out on stalks, like in the cartoons."

Yes. 'Zackly. First thing I pictured.
QuoterGal, love the "pret-ty, pret-ty" reference. As for Joss's stance on camp, I'm with you and find it all pretty straightforward, but I believe that whedonesque has hosted some fairly lengthy debates on what "camp" means in this context. Oy! I kinda hope we don't start up with that again...

I love that Must-See Metaphysics article. Every time I read it I'm reminded that somewhere floating out there is a Joss-written musical about the Oliver North hearings. I'd kill to see/hear that.
With both Harm and QuoterGal on this one. Mostly.

I'm just a tad worried about gore... I've never cared for it in film, and I must be getting older (ack!) as I care less and less as the years go by. Yet Joss always has a purpose, and does very little for the sake of cheap thrills. As in the pointless kind, not the other kind.

Then again, I'm pretty sure I half-covered my eyes in a couple Serenity Reaver scenes. Well, the first time around. So maybe I'm just a big wuss.

In the end, it's a big what-ever. Joss is involved. I'm therefore there.
(I'm not even sure why these are being brewted bruted bandied about, to be honest.)

Bruited? I think it's French. For "noise".

I'm still wavering on whether I'm going to go see it, too. For one thing I'm pretty sure none of my family will want to go with me. But on the other hand, however much I might think I dislike gore I'm usually all right when I actually watch it, and Joss = great.
Yes, Rachelkachel - it was a joke - apparently a failed one, in your case. ; >
And if the "a straight-up, balls-out, really terrifying horror movie" comment is a direct quote from Joss

Yep, it comes from here:

Apologies for my inability to make a link. I'm like an old person trying to use a cordless phone
Whoops, sorry. I'm usually pretty good at detecting jokes.
My theory is that if folks can't tell it's a joke, then maybe it isn't funny. ; >

I'm a big fan of the old crossed-out spelling-errors-with-alternate-word-choice-punchline, but I'm old school as well as aging. Maybe I should retire this with the spit-take and the seltzer-bottle-in-the-face.
You hit people with seltzer bottles?
Yes... wait, isn't that how it's done?



Huh. That might explain why it hasn't been getting laughs.
Nah, "they" just don't get it QG, keep hitting them. Maybe mix it up by cracking them in the shins with a walking stick, that's never not hilarious, it's like the banana peel of assault.
Right? Funny bones need bashing in as well as minds.

"Humor is a means of obtaining pleasure in spite of the distressing effects that interface with it." - Sigmund Freud

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