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August 20 2009

Felicia Day's "Avatar" now available as MP3 song on iTunes. The video already hit #1, now the song is available in MP3 format.

It'll be interesting to see how high up the charts this goes...

Thanks for the link.

I wonder why it takes longer to get songs on iTunes. It's really annoying having to wait a few days while all those Amazon customers can already listen to all this goodness. But I prefer the better sound quality of the AAC encode to the Amazon MP3.
Finally, I can not only have it going through my head all day, now I can actually have it going through my ears too.
Yeah, I already bought it on Amazon (got the video off iTunes though)...

And for the record, iTunes isn't any better than Amazon quality wise. Admittedly AAC is a better codec, but most of the benefit is at lower bitrates. At 256, they're basically identical, not to mention Amazon uses a better VBR scheme to Apple (I believe). (apologies for getting technical)
Plus it's cheaper.
I only just heard this.

I'm not one to latch on to a certain celebrity and bum everything they do, but Felicia Day just never dissappoints me. And now (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar is stuck in my head.

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