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August 20 2009

A "where are they now" for the actors of Buffy. Courtesy of

clearly there wasn't a whole lot of research done for this article

They didn't even mention the fact that Eliza Dushku is doing dollhouse

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Or that David Boreanas is doing... what's the name of that series again?

No mention of Mark Blucas or Seth Green, even though they're both in the photo.
Strange. That was written by Richard Lawson who used to write for Gawker and who mentioned Dollhouse a couple of times over there when it first aired.
David Boreanaz and Seth Green were both mentioned...
David Boreanaz and Seth Green were both mentioned...

Le Sigh. This does not speak well for my level of alertness this morning.
It may not be TV... but they could of mentioned Emma Caulfield's Contropussy
There is a nice article about James joining Caprica on TVguide's site, along with a photo gallery. Picture 22 though, must be the time he was invisible because it is a picture of the Angel cast without James! :)
Way too rushed and bias for my likings.
Sorry, but this feels like an incredibly amateurish written piece.
"not doing a hell of a lot" isn't really a satisfying "where are they now" answer.
Michelle Trachtenberg's role in the new series, "Mercy" that starts September 23, 2009, is not mentioned.

edited to add show date

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Eurgh. Biased blurb, much? But with good intentions, maybe. Sigh.
I probably shouldn't admit this, but of the 24 pics of Janes Marsters, there are only two (from Smallville)that I don't already have in my collection. :)

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