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August 20 2009

TV Characters In Need of Fashion Help. Television Without Pity lists off TV characters in desperate need of fashion guidance and among them are our very own dolls while in Dollhouse gear. But, also, they list Ugly Betty who I'm certain is supposed to be unfashionable so...?

They were really struggling to find characters there. I agree about Betty though. We get it, it's like how Clark Kent wear's Red and Blue in Smallville. It's her tag, but with a fashionable sister and working in on a fashion magazine, you would have thought she'd try to not get noticed... or something. It works for Wolowitz, however.

I like the Doll's outfits. I don't want my echo walking around in D&G.

ETA: changed where to wear. ;p

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Fluffy filler article is fluffy filler.
Ah but it raises an interesting question, to wit: how many fluffs would a fluffy filler fill if a fluffy filler could fill fluffs ?

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What a silly article. I'm still confused why Ted is on there too, the reason they state is ridiculous.
I'm always a little jealous of the Dolls in their dollwear, they look so comfortable! But I have no fashion sense, and I wish the whole world would just wear pajamas.
I was under the impression that the Dolls when in the Dollhouse where to be devoid of direct (or indirect) stimulation. Since they are in blank slate mode (i.e. tabula rosa - Buffy anyone?) their minds cannot handle anything besides simple commands and simple surroundings. If you introduced additional styles and louder colors it could upset the calm serene environment they are trying to create to keep the dolls in a neutral state until imprinting and therefore cause disharmony within the Dollhouse.
I'm assuming this list is of current programming, but I couldn't help but think of Willow's outfits in the first couple seasons of Buffy.
I work from home, and my "work clothes" are pretty similar to how the dolls dress (if only my apartment looked like the dollhouse). I don't think anyone's ever accused me of being fashionable, but I can't figure out how jeans and t-shirts would be an improvement.
Without question (IMO) the worst dressed verse character had to be Willow in seasons 1-3.
Huh. When I saw the title and reference to Dollhouse, I was sure they were going to point out either the bondage outfit or that thing with the white lace thigh-high stockings.

Any article that says Jason Stackhouse needs to put on more clothing isn't worth taking seriously.
Do they fill it with fluff, or do they fluff the fill? Is there an editor somewhere screaming "fluffier, this needs to be fluffier!" Is this what fluffers do?

Okay, maybe it would be best if everyone just ignored that last question. I know what fluffers do. But not know in the biblical sense. Oh man I'm really painting myself into a corner with this one. Up the magical Epitaph One rope ladder to safety!
Gotta love the silly season.
Willow? What about Xander's plaid pants? Or his sweater with the big dot on it?
Angel's shirt in 'Shiny Happy People' and Dawn's sweater in 'Lessons' are the ones that stand out for me.
Tara's sweater and skirt during the awkward, "She needs back-up!" song-and-dance scene in OMWF.
Am I the only one, when articles like this hit, who think that to be fair the authors need to post photos of their own wardrobes? Are they better dressed and judgmental, or are they horribly dressed and know whereof they speak?
Disagree. Silly article; I personally love yoga wear, and it's perfect for the spa-like environment of the dollhouse.

Also, there is NOTHING wrong with Jason Stackhouse's (lack of) wardrobe. *drools* If he had been more clothed during the first few episodes of True Blood, I may have not gotten through them, to tell you the shallow, honest truth. Now I'm a HUGE fan of the show.

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My mind instantly went to that bright yellow shirt in 'Shiny Happy People' as well Simon. Assuming were talking about the same shirt, I cant remember if he changes it half way through or something, I just remember him turning to the camera with it on and myself going "bah!"
Eh, it's a Project Runway homage, of course they'd want the characters in tasteful couture. In the case of Dollhouse at least thematically it would even be appropriate if a staff member were to get terribly bored and decide that they need to present a better marketing gimmick to potential clients and have everyone dressed as Victorian children's dolls. Or even Disney-esque "dolls of the world."
(whups, mine is a spiteful computer so overlook this)

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I love the yoga wear, wish I had more of it myself - organic cotton is the most comfortable, sensual fabric this side of silk, but really expensive.

Gotta join the shallow end of the pool and agree that the last thing Jason Stackhouse needs is more clothes. :)
Assuming were talking about the same shirt,

Yes. I think it was auctioned off alongside a lot of other Angel clothes a while back.
I would have thought the individual most in need of fashion assistance on Dollhouse would be Topher.
I like Topher's clothes. I would probably be on this list if I was on tv though. I like the spa wear too.

Mr. Dominic would have to be on a best dressed list.
Speaking of plaid pants, I'm fairly certain Topher's been sporting them a time or two here in more recent times, so it's definitely not just Xander's bad! I definitely agree that he's probably most likely in need of fashion assistance.

I think this article coming down on the side of yoga wear is silly though. These characters really could be wearing some way more hideous attire.

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