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August 20 2009

Drew Z. Greenberg series Warehouse 13 is renewed on SyFy for a 2nd season. The former Buffy and Firefly scribe is one of the series writers and producers. Jane E. is still also credited as one of the creators.

You know the fact that this show is the most-watched on SyFy and has rather impressive cable ratings, does anyone actually think its to do with it's renaming to SyFy? I can't help but think its somewhat related.

I might watch if when it starts on Sci-Fi over here.
I enjoy watching the show, but my god, the actor who played the bad guy in that episode with the invisibility cloak? HORRIBLE. I mean. just, why would someone hire him, horrible.
Glad for them, but couldn't get past the second or third episode (I can't even remember how many I saw), out of sheer boredom. Wonder how it would have been with Jane E. still involved. (But I'd rather have her over at Caprica.)
This is one of those shows I follow like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football - each time I watch it hoping it will get better, and each time that hope is cruelly snatched away from me.

It has so many ingredients that should make it good - but (in another bad analogy) like a casserole whose flavors haven't come together properly, this show hasn't added up to the good.

It's a shame. I'll probably watch it again. *sigh* And end up flat on my back again. (No puns. Please.)

But I'm glad it got renewed - maybe it'll have a chance to grow... and it beats the hell out of SyFy's inexplicable airings of the fycking boring Haunted: - "Ooooh. What's that? Did you hear that? Eeeeeeee - I felt something. Quiet. Look! Over there. Oh My God, it's moving towards us! I'm sooo cold. Ahhhhhhh...."

Now that show makes me want to spork out the gelatinous orbs pronto.
SyFy should use some existing shows as ideas to develop new ones. Mad Men showed people were interested in the past. Why not use the 1940's to make some alien-themed Roswell Area 51 show thing. It'd do some X-Files things, just not in a procedural manner. This vision I have in my mind of that is amazing.

Get Joss on this immediately. I'm onto something.
...each time I watch it hoping it will get better, and each time that hope is cruelly snatched away from me.

I gave it 6 episodes and then stopped. My acid test is, when I do that, do I miss it ? And not so much, as it turns out (beyond the minor niggle that I might be missing it get good). The one thing that really grabbed me (the Saul Rubinek vs hacker story cos really, Saul Rubinek ? Hackers ? How better ?) seemingly ended in a not particularly satisfying way after only 5-6 eps and that seemed like a good jumping off point - I liked the leads and I liked the retro steam-punk element but it's not enough.

Casserole on the other hand, is one of life's essentials.
I agree. The cool aspects of the show are not enough to hold my interest. I tried. I wanted to like it. Oh well. I'm glad for the fans of the series.

P.S. Saje, I hear Nathan makes "seven layer bean dip of the gods." It's not casserole, but it sounds pretty essential to me.

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That could potentially go on the list. Life has a lot of essentials ;).

Re: "wanting to like" BTW, has anyone seen "Defying Gravity" ? Man, I want to like that show so much ("proper" space exploration set in the near future, NASA physics/engineering geeks and pilots as main characters, intriguing arc, Ron Livingstone, Laura "Daisy Adair" Harris, the really attractive woman that crops up in a lot of stuff including "Stargate: Atlantis" and "Dexter" *) but it's not making it easy.

* Christina Cox as it turns out, if IMDB is to be believed.
I was interested in the idea(s) of "Defying Gravity" but missed its debut and haven't seen it. What I've read is not great and your take on it, Saje, is not making me want to track it down. Huh. I *did* see Ron Moore's "Virtuality" (which apparently shares many of "Gravity's" themes) and I thought that it had big, big promise. I'm seriously annoyed that nothing will come of it. Ron Moore, people!
Saje, yes, that is Christina Cox, also of the vampire triangle/detective show "Blood Ties." (And, waaaaaaay back when, "Forever Knight" -- she was Joan of Arc.) I'm pretty sure Drew Z. Greenberg is over on "Caprica" with Jane Espenson these days and don't believe he's involved any longer (except via screen credit) with "Warehouse 13."
Was sorta curious about Defying Gravity as well (Ron Livingston is always good), but dunno if I'll get around to it. Some unfavorable local newspaper reviews have called it an average Grey's Anatomy-in-space. Doesn't sound too appealing put that way, but then again they had only seen a couple episodes. My folks watched the first episode and liked it, though I think they only checked it out because Laura Harris is my dad's cousin's daughter (don't know 'em though--they live on the other side of the country, my grandmother knows 'em a bit). She's often good. She was surprisingly creepy in the second season of 24 and I liked her episode of Jake 2.0. Didn't stick around Dead Like Me long enough to see her role and I don't remember The Faculty well enough. Other than that, can't recall any of her other roles, but looking at her IMDB, given the amount of shot-in-Canada TV she's been in, definitely have seen her in more (The X-Files, twice on The Outer Limits, Sliders).
Kris: "Some unfavorable local newspaper reviews have called it an average Grey's Anatomy-in-space."

I've heard this comparison, but having watched only a bit of Grey's Anatomy, I dunno how apt it is.

I've watched it online at Hulu - someone posted a link on twitter, I think - and I liked it. I'd managed to miss any PR/buzz prior to watching it, so came into it as a tabula rasa (as it were ; > )

It didn't interest me near as much as Virtuality, which I would like to see more of :( , but it still delivered something interesting - the characters have real potential, and the storylines are promising. And of course Ron and Laura et al. do a bang-up job.

I'll watch it again. I know that sounds a bit faint praise-y ( ; > ) but I can't 'zackly say more than that yet...
Back to W13...hey anyone seen an old series (also Canadian) "Friday The 13th The Series", basically W13 looks like an update ;> with better CG.
I dunno Quoter, I'm with you. There's definitely something there. I've watched all the episodes but it still hasn't gotten where I can flat out say this is good.

It's an interesting project to watch though.
Warehouse 13 seems kind of hit-and-miss, inconsistent in how it perceives itself. If it's on when I happen across "SyFy", I watch. If it's not, I don't. It's not something I seek out.

Defying Gravity, on the other hand.... I really like this show. High production values, and it's a very interesting interlocking of storylines. Thanks to Hulu, I'm caught up with the Episodes, and I want to see more.

The hacker storyline in Warehouse looked like should lead to a more deep drama in the show, but even iliking the Claudia character, it still is just funny.

The beginng of DG really makes me believe Virtuality was better, till the second ep, where the plot becames more clear. Then it gets me better that Virtuality
Actually i'm wondering if it might be an Brasilian Chaos Man. The name 'Beta' is part of it (cos that indicates there was something before it, it's an offshoot of an Alpha ) and some non-specific hints in how they talk about it. Also what it's doing appears to be a sort of chess game with the astronauts, maneuvering them towards some ultimate goal. Something about that just feels like to me. Probably way off base though.

And yep, that's how I feel about the hacker storyline too, the "dreamspace" that Artie went into seemed like it should have had a much deeper psychological resonance for him, rather than just the cliched "past case that went bad" that turns up in absolutely every procedural.

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